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  1. Is anything expeced to happen at this session, aside from Brisbane being awarded the 2032 Games?
  2. RT @EurovisionUK18: Use a GIF only to show that you’re ready for #Eurovision Once you have added your GIF RT the original tweet.

  3. @MadameMonsieur

  4. @ESCPifPaf I guess I'm a gun?

  5. RT @kylegriffin1: An Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court. https://t.co/0nj…

  6. RT @surieofficial: This is what the world map sounds like on a piano. G'night https://t.co/4eK42TPvHn

  7. RT @NORML: State: #California lawmakers consider legislation to allow automatic expungement of past #marijuana crimes. Urge your lawmakers…

  8. @ArchieESC Why is it called the wall of death?

  9. RT @krassenstein: America F**ked up. Don't be afraid to admit it. If you voted for Trump you don't have to keep supporting him. We will for…

  10. RT @ananavarro: Paul Ryan has 8 months as Speaker. He’s finally free of political chains. Time to put country over Party. He should remove…

  11. RT @SaysHummingbird: Utterly despicable. Ann Coulter: If You Shoot One Immigrant At The Border Maybe They’ll Learn. RT if you think Ann C…

  12. RT @krassenstein: When Historians look back at the Trump years, whether it's 2, 3 or 4 years, one thing will be certain. Those who peacefu…

  13. RT @NORML: Study: Access to Legal #Marijuana Consistently Linked to Lower #Opioid Use. https://t.co/D7AiTePIZm

  14. RT @jsphdeal: jesus: *rises from the dead* mary magdalene: jesus you’re alive jesus: https://t.co/UwJpjjn9pk

  15. RT @votevets: “Other than a total lack of awareness of where [Jackson] stands on any issue, we are also concerned that he has never managed…

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