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  1. Must say that I agree totally with Athensfan's view of the placard bearer costumes; and I think many of them would too. They really weren't particularly flattering or 'wow'... although I guess you could argue that the attention at that point should be on the flagbearer rather than the placard bearer. Part of the problem with the OC is that there were big cuts made to it timewise; there are bits of Green and Pleasant that were supposed to happen in the main show but ended up only being seen during the preshow (e.g. the football morphing to rugby and all the animal tending) and other segments being tweaked up to the final weeks as they worked with timings. I'm not sure any of those helped with cohesion! Incidentally - the flaming bikes that appeared in the Paralympic Closing were originally slated for the Olympics Opening along with the BMXs that were a late cut.
  2. Likewise; the Croydon return address made me chuckle a little. It appears that there were a few different varients; mine makes specific mention that I was a Ceremonies volunteer - are the Gamesmaker ones specific to your team role or just generic?
  3. I think all visitors will see some of the host broadcaster's output in any case since that's what will be on in most bars/restaurants and in most 'live sites'. It would be good if they could also find a way to see 'their' team more though. Perhaps a future broadcaster with 24 HD channels could use some of them (when there's no live action on them) to show particular nations; they could use that country's highlight show from the night before which would get round having to spend time producing lots of shows but still allow that country's spectators to see more of their athletes.
  4. Wow! I hadn't realised that. I'd assumed that it had disappeared after a week or so. Thanks for pointing that out!
  5. It wasn't quite as strong an effect; but was still definitely in play although possibly primarily more on the Jubilee line that anywhere else. I know certainly if you were wearing accreditation (or pins) people would often try to catch your eye and have a chat about why you were wearing it. I ended up in quite a few interesting conversations that way with families en route to/from the Park in the Paras.
  6. I go to the Diamond League at Crystal Palace on a semi-regular basis (every year that I remember to get tickets before double-booking myself!) and there are quite often some paralympic track events on the Friday night. I think we had 3 races this year.
  7. We were 'mechanicals' for the Opening as a nod to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and the fact we were utility cast; being asked to do different things whether on field or during the show in stands. After that we reverted to a more traditional 'audience leader' naming convention although the Mass Production team still slip up occasionally. It has been a lot of fun. We don't get much opportunity for on-camera glory but we get to actually see the full show, chat to everyone and then hop down onto the field at the end for the impromptu party that generally kicks in. But our names still appear in each programme and I have 3 costumes hanging in the wardrobe now!
  8. The athletes parade did over-run by just under an hour; partly because it was quite slippery underfoot so people were perhaps taking it a little slower than expected. We finished the last dress rehearsal at 2315 on Monday night. I can feel every minute of that extra hour this morning in my shoulders after waving my torch overhead to keep the audience gee'ed up. Still... it was worth it; I'll post some pics later if anyone's interested. The audience were great; some did have to leave to catch trains if they lived outside the extended Tube network or if they had kids with them who had conked out. I tried to keep some kids awake by dancing with them in the aisles and giving them the torch to wave for a while. Ceremony-wise, it was a lot more traditional and a definite nod to the theatre. The sculpture at the end seemed to surprise most people as it suddenly appeared while they weren't looking. Ah... the magic of inflatables, huh! Most seemed to think that it had been pulled in from somewhere bizarrely. I enjoyed it... but preferred the main Olympic Opening slightly. It's a pity that the album released doesn't include the Athlete's Parade music since I have to say that I was quite enjoying dancing along to it and wanted a copy for the gym!
  9. Yup; it's at 8.30... a month on from the Olympic Opening and it gets darker just that little earlier! Preshow starts at 8 again for those in the Stadium; the request is to be seated (at least initially) by 7.30pm.
  10. From reading that quote I have finally figured out how to interpret or of the segments that has bamboozled me in rehearsal where obviously you don't get all the video/audio!
  11. Olympian - keep looking even when you're in London and, make a sign saying that you'd like a ticket that you can put around your neck. We saw quite a few people during the Olympics hoping for a ticket on the main drag into security who seemed to be having some success. It seems that there were a few (particularly with prelim rounds) who had had friends drop out at the last minute and had a spare ticket with no other way to sell it.
  12. This is a bit of a non-story; those in the Paralympic Ceremonies were told back in early July that there would be no Paralympic public dress rehearsals (just as there was none for the Olympic Closing Ceremony) and that was why they had been given tickets for the Olympic Opening dress rehearsal so they could at least go to the Stadium in advance. But it obviously wasn't clear to everyone since we all got that email the other day to explain why again. Personally, I prefer having at least one rehearsal with an audience so they can test the participation elements more effectively!
  13. Now you've mentioned it, I recognise it. At the time, I was too busy blubbing!
  14. I do like Taio Cruz's Dynamite. It used to make me think of gym classes but now it reminds me of the Closing Ceremony. And I like Written in the Stars. I thought the second George Michael track really killed the mood in the stadium for a while too. Wish he'd just stopped at the first one! And I really thought that we'd get Duran Duran singing Rio if they were truly going for cheesy!
  15. This really made me chuckle this morning on the way home from the Closing Ceremony... it may have been the fact that I'd been up for 24 hours but I don't think so! New wayfarer signs at Stratford station
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