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  1. Must say that I agree totally with Athensfan's view of the placard bearer costumes; and I think many of them would too. They really weren't particularly flattering or 'wow'... although I guess you could argue that the attention at that point should be on the flagbearer rather than the placard bearer. Part of the problem with the OC is that there were big cuts made to it timewise; there are bits of Green and Pleasant that were supposed to happen in the main show but ended up only being seen during the preshow (e.g. the football morphing to rugby and all the animal tending) and other segments being tweaked up to the final weeks as they worked with timings. I'm not sure any of those helped with cohesion! Incidentally - the flaming bikes that appeared in the Paralympic Closing were originally slated for the Olympics Opening along with the BMXs that were a late cut.
  2. Wow - must have been quiet when you were up there to be able to get a decent 'upside down' shot from those mirrors. I went up twice and both times, a clear pic was tough to get. The resident Gamesmaker didn't help by standing so that you could see him in the view at what should have been a prime spot. I went up it twice - once at night and once during the day. Great views although if I was only going to go up one 'height' in London, it wouldn't be that one. I think the Eye gives more relevant view of London outside of Games time.
  3. Thanks to CAF for organising these and congratulations to all the medal winners. As Sir Rols and CAF have said, the blog was a useful way to capture memories and I'm keeping a link to it until I get around to making my memory book up! And lastly, as we really wrap up the London Olympiad, thanks to all at GB who helped make it an even brighter experience!
  4. Likewise; the Croydon return address made me chuckle a little. It appears that there were a few different varients; mine makes specific mention that I was a Ceremonies volunteer - are the Gamesmaker ones specific to your team role or just generic?
  5. I noticed last night when cycling home that the Olympic rings in the Games Lanes have all been wiped out or covered over now... there are still quite a few banners up though. I'd really like one of those to add to my Olympic collection but not entirely sure I can shimmy up a lamp-post unnoticed!
  6. Thanks for the link to the blog; that does clear up a few things. I was on the FOP during the parade and even during the final rehearsals before the dress, our 'choreographer' didn't have the final mix so we occasionally had some dodgy transitions from one set of steps to the next. During the rehearsals, they did play some of the High Contrast mix plus a few other more 'generic' tracks that didn't make it on the night. Sorry - I thought I'd linked to the iTunes EP the other night when I mentioned Emotional Zombie; it's got a few tracks that aren't on Isles of Wonder but which are still worth listening to!
  7. The first time up, the stop was deliberate so that they could do some acrobatics on the way back down again - or at least, that's how they did it in rehearsal too. They did make it up to the globe on the night (I was right under it) but lit it but it didn't catch light properly and seemed to fizzle out.
  8. I think all visitors will see some of the host broadcaster's output in any case since that's what will be on in most bars/restaurants and in most 'live sites'. It would be good if they could also find a way to see 'their' team more though. Perhaps a future broadcaster with 24 HD channels could use some of them (when there's no live action on them) to show particular nations; they could use that country's highlight show from the night before which would get round having to spend time producing lots of shows but still allow that country's spectators to see more of their athletes.
  9. I'd forgotten the motorcycle highwire which was rather cool. The Help for Heroes piece at the start is also worth watching although it is slightly surreal. It's the bit where it's just Coldplay and the pros that it starts to look just like a concert. Still fewer volunteers means that our names are all in much bigger print in the PCC programme.
  10. Wow! I hadn't realised that. I'd assumed that it had disappeared after a week or so. Thanks for pointing that out!
  11. Not unless you're a massive Coldplay fan; pick and choose some other bits. The aerial light bulbs look good as is Rihanna's piece. The speeches are worth watching and then the extinguishing of the flame. And the fireworks are brilliant. It was my least favourite Ceremony but I have Coldplay-loving friends who thought it was the best. Go figure!
  12. I can't see the video but going back and checking on my TV recording, the song that was played immediately before Heroes (while Zambia and Zimbabwe were walking in) is by High Contrast and is called Emotional Vampire. There are other High Contrast tracks on the Isle of Wonder soundtrack so not sure why this one didn't make it on.
  13. That's the one... "We've just had a call from the Prime Minister.... can you keep the noise down?" etc etc
  14. One of the other people who really 'made the Games' was the announcer who was primarily based at Horseguards but who had recorded some other messages for other venues. He was so OTT that just hearing his voice made me smile. I'm not sure though whether that would be a nomination for 3 (person) or 4 (venue) though!
  15. Thanks for my nomination; I'm flattered as a relative newbie to GB! I'd like to add three others.. 1. Bradley Wiggins; to come out and put in the effort in the road race and then win the time trial just a week after winning the Tour was an amazing achievement. 4. The Olympic Stadium. The roar of the crowd in there was absolutely amazing and every session in there was packed. And it was great that the Gamesmakers weren't too strict on ticketing so you could wander around the podium level and take some pics from different places etc. 5. Sarah Storey; added another 4 gold medals in cycling to the 2 Beijing cycling ones and the 5 swimming golds and multiple other swimming hues from earlier Games. She actually caught up with the men's road race peloton at one point despite starting 2 minutes behind them!
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