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  1. Workout! (@ Life Time Fitness w/ 2 others) http://t.co/y01pHukl

  2. Well hopefully the music is good (@ Emagine Novi for Rock of Ages w/ 3 others) http://t.co/K5fEtG0f

  3. Playing softball scores Fuel. Officially at 150K #NikeFuel #makeutcount: http://t.co/rwEhPOGG

  4. See my review for @tvequals of the best #Eureka this season with excellent writing by @PaulaYoo and @edfowler: http://t.co/IDLeOBZx

  5. With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Check out my review of last nights #EUREKA for @tvequals: http://t.co/IDLeOBZx #syfy

  6. "Tough break, College! Science is fun!" See my review of last nite's #Eureka for @tvequals: http://t.co/IDLeOBZx #reviews #syfy

  7. Post workout feel good playlist. ♫ Bangarang (feat. Sirah) by @Skrillex (at Life Time Fitness) — http://t.co/CnNF3Znm

  8. Oh god the fans at #Euro2012 are singing seven nation army. How B1G of them.

  9. I soaked my Daily Goal. See how my Nike+ FuelBand helps me make it rain. #NikeFuel #makeitcount: http://t.co/UCW8sep9

  10. Its a race against time to get @feliciaday out of the machine! See my review of #Eureka “Ex-Machina” for @tvequals: http://t.co/LQ3TSigR

  11. Fargo learns that one does not simply walk to Mordor. See my review of #Eureka “Ex-Machina” for @tvequals: http://t.co/LQ3TSigR #syfy

  12. I swear one of the boats in the jubilee boat parade was being rowed by Smurfs

  13. Having a Vanilla Java Porter from @atwaterbeer and it is extremely tasty!

  14. I'm at Emagine Novi for Men in Black III in 3D (Novi, MI) w/ 2 others http://t.co/veCJvBP0

  15. My favorite scene in the Cajun episode of @NoReservations is coming up. Anthony brings home the bacon…

  16. HR by Cabrera scores him and Berry! Let's go Tigers!

  17. Tonights awesome grilling soundtrack was the Summer Hits of the 90's playlist on @pandora_radio

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