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  1. The Radler (similar to the Summer Shandy) from Detroit Brewing Co is amazingly awesome. Gonna need to go pick up another six-pack #ilovebeer

  2. What today has taught me is that i made the right choice in not wanting to become a lawyer

  3. On last nights #Eureka, Grace has a secret even Henry couldnt have guessed. My review for @tvequals: http://t.co/ZPjtrT7U #syfy

  4. Carter learns that next time he should take Allison to Fiji. Check out my review of last nite's #Eureka for @tvequals: http://t.co/ZPjtrT7U

  5. I'm watching Eureka (1556 others checked-in) http://t.co/BIYvFRrb @GetGlue @_S_A_R_A_H_

  6. Workout! (@ Life Time Fitness w/ 2 others) http://t.co/y01pHukl

  7. Well hopefully the music is good (@ Emagine Novi for Rock of Ages w/ 3 others) http://t.co/K5fEtG0f

  8. Playing softball scores Fuel. Officially at 150K #NikeFuel #makeutcount: http://t.co/rwEhPOGG

  9. See my review for @tvequals of the best #Eureka this season with excellent writing by @PaulaYoo and @edfowler: http://t.co/IDLeOBZx

  10. With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Check out my review of last nights #EUREKA for @tvequals: http://t.co/IDLeOBZx #syfy

  11. "Tough break, College! Science is fun!" See my review of last nite's #Eureka for @tvequals: http://t.co/IDLeOBZx #reviews #syfy

  12. Post workout feel good playlist. ♫ Bangarang (feat. Sirah) by @Skrillex (at Life Time Fitness) — http://t.co/CnNF3Znm

  13. Oh god the fans at #Euro2012 are singing seven nation army. How B1G of them.

  14. I soaked my Daily Goal. See how my Nike+ FuelBand helps me make it rain. #NikeFuel #makeitcount: http://t.co/UCW8sep9

  15. Its a race against time to get @feliciaday out of the machine! See my review of #Eureka “Ex-Machina” for @tvequals: http://t.co/LQ3TSigR

  16. Fargo learns that one does not simply walk to Mordor. See my review of #Eureka “Ex-Machina” for @tvequals: http://t.co/LQ3TSigR #syfy

  17. I swear one of the boats in the jubilee boat parade was being rowed by Smurfs

  18. Having a Vanilla Java Porter from @atwaterbeer and it is extremely tasty!

  19. I'm at Emagine Novi for Men in Black III in 3D (Novi, MI) w/ 2 others http://t.co/veCJvBP0

  20. My favorite scene in the Cajun episode of @NoReservations is coming up. Anthony brings home the bacon…

  21. HR by Cabrera scores him and Berry! Let's go Tigers!

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