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  1. Olympic park McDonalds is crazy busy, but hot fries are worth it ???? #nomnomnom

  2. About to see US v FRA in basketball. Raining in the Olympic park today. http://t.co/5aH4yKHv

  3. Relaxing and watching some sports (@ Potters Fields Park w/ 3 others) [pic]: http://t.co/7VjYTd5n

  4. If I have to go down another level to get to the right tube train I'll run into the mole people

  5. ¡Que Bonita bandera! Vamos Puerto Rico! http://t.co/48ml5pQ1

  6. What this opening ceremonies needs is some nachos. With that goopy cheese. Very good show so far. #OpeningCeremony

  7. Guards band played Star Trek theme then a enrique Iglesias/Ricky martin medley. Outstanding!

  8. Just saw the Olympic flame down at Trafalgar Square. Very exciting!

  9. Top of the world! @ London Eye http://t.co/cd4VhFfc

  10. Quick fun run on Satirday morning. I just finished a 1.36 mi run with Nike+ Running. http://t.co/tuh9BnYz #nikeplus

  11. Cardio workout to build up my levels. ... ♫ Up Around the Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival (at Life Time Fitness) — http://t.co/OLc4nz1D

  12. Always fun to walk through Nickels when I'm in Ann Arbor. http://t.co/c2OvuSwI

  13. Much respect to the Comerica Park sound guy for playing Daft Punk this half inning, was enjoying the beats immensely.

  14. Boesch and Jackson both know that chicks dig the long ball! 6-6 game

  15. And the tarp is back on @ Comerica Park http://t.co/NUqNJXkb

  16. Last nights #Eureka had everyone wondering what happens when the good girl goes bad. Check out my review for @tvequals: http://t.co/VeBgUQlE

  17. Tonights #Eureka has the town facing danger from a surprising source. Check out my review for @tvequals: http://t.co/VeBgUQlE #syfy

  18. Sunday Grilling 7/1/12 @ Wixom Mi http://t.co/RpkzCBMF

  19. The Radler (similar to the Summer Shandy) from Detroit Brewing Co is amazingly awesome. Gonna need to go pick up another six-pack #ilovebeer

  20. What today has taught me is that i made the right choice in not wanting to become a lawyer

  21. On last nights #Eureka, Grace has a secret even Henry couldnt have guessed. My review for @tvequals: http://t.co/ZPjtrT7U #syfy

  22. Carter learns that next time he should take Allison to Fiji. Check out my review of last nite's #Eureka for @tvequals: http://t.co/ZPjtrT7U

  23. I'm watching Eureka (1556 others checked-in) http://t.co/BIYvFRrb @GetGlue @_S_A_R_A_H_

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