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  1. Watching end of USA/Nigeria game on a German Eurosport channel. Still a whooping in any language

  2. Where did the sun come from? This is London! http://t.co/SUsNDTwP

  3. About to see USA v LAT in beach volleyball. Great venue! Great gameday experience! #gousa http://t.co/3BngEXE1

  4. Greece, you want these Parthenon Sculptures? Come and get them! #metopes http://t.co/ojYk1dn5

  5. I hate spoiling things so I'll just say that you should watch gymnastics tonight. Lots of great performances! #gousa!

  6. Let's get ready to rumble gymnastics style! #gousa! http://t.co/SRemEpvd

  7. Heading out to Highclere Castle (downton abbey). Want to see the room the turkish man died in ????

  8. Going to see Harry potter (@ London Euston Railway Station (EUS) w/ 15 others) http://t.co/c3gw4tTR

  9. Olympic park McDonalds is crazy busy, but hot fries are worth it ???? #nomnomnom

  10. About to see US v FRA in basketball. Raining in the Olympic park today. http://t.co/5aH4yKHv

  11. Relaxing and watching some sports (@ Potters Fields Park w/ 3 others) [pic]: http://t.co/7VjYTd5n

  12. If I have to go down another level to get to the right tube train I'll run into the mole people

  13. ¡Que Bonita bandera! Vamos Puerto Rico! http://t.co/48ml5pQ1

  14. What this opening ceremonies needs is some nachos. With that goopy cheese. Very good show so far. #OpeningCeremony

  15. Guards band played Star Trek theme then a enrique Iglesias/Ricky martin medley. Outstanding!

  16. Just saw the Olympic flame down at Trafalgar Square. Very exciting!

  17. Top of the world! @ London Eye http://t.co/cd4VhFfc

  18. Quick fun run on Satirday morning. I just finished a 1.36 mi run with Nike+ Running. http://t.co/tuh9BnYz #nikeplus

  19. Shot looks to have come from the area outside the stadium behind where the Tor is located (North?). I think the Blue builds were already there in the picture someone else had posted in the previous page, its just that the angle of the shot makes it look like the structures are bigger.
  20. Cardio workout to build up my levels. ... ♫ Up Around the Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival (at Life Time Fitness) — http://t.co/OLc4nz1D

  21. Always fun to walk through Nickels when I'm in Ann Arbor. http://t.co/c2OvuSwI

  22. Much respect to the Comerica Park sound guy for playing Daft Punk this half inning, was enjoying the beats immensely.

  23. Boesch and Jackson both know that chicks dig the long ball! 6-6 game

  24. And the tarp is back on @ Comerica Park http://t.co/NUqNJXkb

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