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  1. RT @HollyAnderson: been there “@lizzieohreally: maybe I've watched Cutting Edge too many times, but I always want somebody's skate to get c…

  2. RT @sbnation: Thanks to @inthefade, we found the Olympic athlete who broke out of a Sochi bathroom: http://t.co/iL8gZbWURv http://t.co/lB1u…

  3. RT @Ihnatko: It’s called “cross country” because no kid in their right mind would sign up for the “uphill skiing” team.

  4. RT @sbnation: USA GOLD MEDAL! Sage Kotsenberg, Slopestyle Snowboarding! http://t.co/EDBf9okznD http://t.co/JOOutf6ur7

  5. RT @sbnation: And with Matt Lauer's explanation, the term "YOLO" is officially dead. RIP, 2011-2014.

    1. krow


      hopefully a term that will indeed live only once.

  6. RT @CorkGaines: BBC vs CBC vs NBC Opening Ceremony Feeds (left to right) http://t.co/LxQubsBQNg

  7. Olympic Flame in London in July, 2012 #tbt http://t.co/qDAw7IvbNH

  8. Good Thursday night workout. On to the next one ???? ♫ Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (at Life Time Fitness) — https://t.co/3mwjAqOwdF

  9. RT @CorkGaines: Jamaican bobsled team on the track in Sochi today http://t.co/kAzQEcwG9W

  10. RT @USOlympic: RT if you're ready to cheer for #TeamUSA tomorrow as competition kicks off at #Sochi2014! #GoTeamUSA

  11. RT @DanWetzel: They installed functioning door knobs on my hotel room door. Sweet. Light bulb trade offer is no longer valid

  12. Primary voting time! (@ Wixom Public Library) http://t.co/xHtc9jz8

  13. Reason England is weird #513: they don't refrigerate their eggs at the stores. http://t.co/gsVe8tE7

  14. Watching end of USA/Nigeria game on a German Eurosport channel. Still a whooping in any language

  15. Where did the sun come from? This is London! http://t.co/SUsNDTwP

  16. About to see USA v LAT in beach volleyball. Great venue! Great gameday experience! #gousa http://t.co/3BngEXE1

  17. Greece, you want these Parthenon Sculptures? Come and get them! #metopes http://t.co/ojYk1dn5

  18. I hate spoiling things so I'll just say that you should watch gymnastics tonight. Lots of great performances! #gousa!

  19. Let's get ready to rumble gymnastics style! #gousa! http://t.co/SRemEpvd

  20. Heading out to Highclere Castle (downton abbey). Want to see the room the turkish man died in ????

  21. Going to see Harry potter (@ London Euston Railway Station (EUS) w/ 15 others) http://t.co/c3gw4tTR

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