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  1. RT @LAKings: Yes. For those asking, we have contacted @usahockey Womens team to see if any goal scorers are available. http://t.co/VzNPbyKt…

  2. RT @HistoryInPics: Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant on the set of Notorious, 1946. http://t.co/CN07rdB22Q

  3. Leg workout was rougher than usual. Cold weather is getting me down.… ♫ Survival by Muse (at Life Time Fitness) — https://t.co/kJoEJV8sHi

  4. RT @DEANBARROW: “@SochiProbIems: Need to do a little electrical work and take a shower? No problem. #SochiProblems http://t.co/uUVVvlXhyt”

  5. RT @edsbs: Biathlon Pursuit doesn't mean "a ski chase with guns" but it could, IOC. Consider this.

  6. RT @sbnation: Figure skating is back, so heeeeeere's Ashley! http://t.co/8wzrfsRjvk

  7. RT @HollyAnderson: been there “@lizzieohreally: maybe I've watched Cutting Edge too many times, but I always want somebody's skate to get c…

  8. Concerning the size of the Games, I'd like to present a differing view about canceling the snowboard / slope style events. Yes, I think the athletes who do these events see the OWG as either equals or second to the X-Games and that their addition increases the costs and complexities of the games. Thought let me tell you that most of the people who I have talked to in the last week or so here in Michigan about the games bring up events like snowboard cross and half pipe as events they want to see. The sliding events, alpine skiing? Maybe. Ski Jumping / X Country and Biathlon? Boring (except the shooting part of biathlon, but I go to work with a few hunters). Figure skating is popular with the women, hockey with men. Most like curling (its the one sport we all think we could do) but it's too long to watch. My point is that, at least here in middle America, you are going to need some of the flash and risk taking of the "new events" to bring in new viewers and get people interested enough to follow the sports instead of just having them on in the background while cooking dinner. While I think we are fans of the Olympics, bringing in new fans and viewers is what counts in the long run (IOC needs to get their nut from the broadcasting rights). Take away those new sports and the olympics will look like they are dismissive of the younger generation and will lose their interest. If you want to add new events look to how Figure Skating is handling the new Team Event. It's different but still recognizable and should not be that much of an additional cost/burden than the regular figure skating contests. TL,DR: Don't throw out the new events because the millenials (i.e. future viewers) will think the IOC is old fashioned. Try to grow organically using current events and not adding completely new sports. Also, this is only my opinion for the Winter Games. My thoughts on the Summer games are a different matter.
  9. RT @sbnation: Thanks to @inthefade, we found the Olympic athlete who broke out of a Sochi bathroom: http://t.co/iL8gZbWURv http://t.co/lB1u…

  10. RT @Ihnatko: It’s called “cross country” because no kid in their right mind would sign up for the “uphill skiing” team.

  11. RT @sbnation: USA GOLD MEDAL! Sage Kotsenberg, Slopestyle Snowboarding! http://t.co/EDBf9okznD http://t.co/JOOutf6ur7

  12. RT @sbnation: And with Matt Lauer's explanation, the term "YOLO" is officially dead. RIP, 2011-2014.

    1. krow


      hopefully a term that will indeed live only once.

  13. RT @CorkGaines: BBC vs CBC vs NBC Opening Ceremony Feeds (left to right) http://t.co/LxQubsBQNg

  14. Olympic Flame in London in July, 2012 #tbt http://t.co/qDAw7IvbNH

  15. Good Thursday night workout. On to the next one ???? ♫ Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (at Life Time Fitness) — https://t.co/3mwjAqOwdF

  16. RT @CorkGaines: Jamaican bobsled team on the track in Sochi today http://t.co/kAzQEcwG9W

  17. RT @USOlympic: RT if you're ready to cheer for #TeamUSA tomorrow as competition kicks off at #Sochi2014! #GoTeamUSA

  18. RT @DanWetzel: They installed functioning door knobs on my hotel room door. Sweet. Light bulb trade offer is no longer valid

  19. 1. Will there be an 'terrorist' attacks? Not in Sochi, but in other areas of Russia or the region. 2. Which nation will claim the first gold medal? (men's slope style) McMorris 3. Which nation will claim the last gold medal? (men's ice hockey) Canada 4. Which nation will win the most gold medals? United Sates 5. Most silver medals? Norway 6. Most bronze medals? Canada 7. Will there be a gay protest? Yes 8. Over/under 6th place for Lolo Jones? Over 9. Which nation will win the most medals in the new events? Canada 10. Over/under 6th place for Evgeni Plushenko? Under. 11. White/Davis or Virtue/Moir? White/Davis 12. Which nation will win the most medals? Norway 13. Which athlete will win the most medals? Ligety (really have no clue here) 14. Will there be a Germany sweep in women's luge? Nein 15. Over/under 20 medals for the host Russians? Over 16. Will A Canadian defend their gold medal from Vancouver? Yes 17. Will any nation break the gold medal record (14)? No, US ties it 18. Will any nation break the total medal record (37)? No 19. Will there be a Bradbury in Short Track Speed Skating (crash leading to an unexpected winner)? Its short track so yes. 20. Kim Yu Na or Mao Asada? Mao.
  20. Primary voting time! (@ Wixom Public Library) http://t.co/xHtc9jz8

  21. Reason England is weird #513: they don't refrigerate their eggs at the stores. http://t.co/gsVe8tE7

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