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  1. ¡Que Bonita bandera! Vamos Puerto Rico! http://t.co/48ml5pQ1

  2. "Tough break, College! Science is fun!" See my review of last nite's #Eureka for @tvequals: http://t.co/IDLeOBZx #reviews #syfy

  3. About to see US v FRA in basketball. Raining in the Olympic park today. http://t.co/5aH4yKHv

  4. About to see USA v LAT in beach volleyball. Great venue! Great gameday experience! #gousa http://t.co/3BngEXE1

  5. Always fun to walk through Nickels when I'm in Ann Arbor. http://t.co/c2OvuSwI

  6. And the tarp is back on @ Comerica Park http://t.co/NUqNJXkb

  7. Boesch and Jackson both know that chicks dig the long ball! 6-6 game

  8. Came to the Jolly Pumpkin for lunch, left with a bottle of gin for dessert #everythingcomingupJose http://t.co/3uES9iyckD

  9. Cardio workout to build up my levels. ... ♫ Up Around the Bend by Creedence Clearwater Revival (at Life Time Fitness) — http://t.co/OLc4nz1D

  10. Carter learns that next time he should take Allison to Fiji. Check out my review of last nite's #Eureka for @tvequals: http://t.co/ZPjtrT7U

  11. Check out this great wine from Erath. I'm giving it 4 of 5 stars with the Vivino app: http://t.co/dSftIda0VS

  12. Chilling out while Kristen's getting her hair cut (@ Starbucks) http://t.co/nD0SSGrn7e

  13. Connecting through Atlanta @ Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) http://t.co/VRWesdtG4g

  14. Delicious and smooth. Great blend of Grenache and Syrah. . Wine from Owen Roe via Vivino: http://t.co/flq7hkKZYL

  15. Fargo learns that one does not simply walk to Mordor. See my review of #Eureka “Ex-Machina” for @tvequals: http://t.co/LQ3TSigR #syfy

  16. Going to see Harry potter (@ London Euston Railway Station (EUS) w/ 15 others) http://t.co/c3gw4tTR

  17. Good Thursday night workout. On to the next one ???? ♫ Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (at Life Time Fitness) — https://t.co/3mwjAqOwdF

  18. Greece, you want these Parthenon Sculptures? Come and get them! #metopes http://t.co/ojYk1dn5

  19. Guards band played Star Trek theme then a enrique Iglesias/Ricky martin medley. Outstanding!

  20. Having a Vanilla Java Porter from @atwaterbeer and it is extremely tasty!

  21. Heading out to Highclere Castle (downton abbey). Want to see the room the turkish man died in ????

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