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  1. so given this opens the possibility of Hamburg going the way of other referendum cities, coupled with Boston's opposition.. Could we see a one on one race for 2024 between Paris and Rome?
  2. You are being childish. & need to look up the definition of ignorant because you're misusing if.
  3. Completing venues with such a slither of time as a margin of error certainly isn't conducive to the best use of these complex facilities. Sure, things will *probably* be fine, but like anything in life, it is always ideal to practice and rehearsal, and be aware of any issues BEFORE and not during the critical event itself. Sometimes these issues are minor, functional problems which can be fixed without public knowledge, other times the outcomes of untested new venues can be terrible - just ask Vancouver. I'm not sure if its a language barrier thing - but labelling someone 'ignorant' whe
  4. Could it be assumed that temporary measures will be rolled out during the Olympic period - perhaps in the form of buses between clusters of venues and accom? Since the issues confronted by Atlanta there has been a bigger emphasis placed in Olympic transport planning on "special event" mobility and integration - I'd be surprised if Rio relied wholly on its stand alone commuter system for Olympic transport.
  5. You're right, and I have no doubt that he would have invaluable knowledge for Paris. My criticism was more levelled at how he's come across in the media a number of times. That said - is it clear yet how many of the Paris 2012 people are back for the 2024 bid? Might be better with a fresh crop.
  6. Yes. You're right. Seeing the Olympic flame burning in the Greek sky in a Calatrava designed cauldron would have been completely dull.
  7. Great - more hot collared, defensive locals that turn a legitimate observation into some dramatic slander. I was referring to Rio's Olympic sports venues not being ready for thorough test events - I said nothing about Rio's capabilities as a city, nor did I say Rio was the "worst" organised Olympics - do not put words in my mouth. And the question regardeding transport was clearly not directed at you. I'm not interested in your biased opinion. In any case - my point stands that Rio is visibly the most behind compared to Beijing and London, which were by now many venues were functionally com
  8. What was wrong with Atlanta's ceremonies? I used to hold a negative opinion of them until I watched them a couple of years ago - and given the context I think they were on point. Respect for the 100th Anniversary, celebration of the American South, and a light hearted nod to the fact that they were the upstart host (re: pick up trucks). The Olympics are youthful, and the cheerleaders were arguably more appropriate in that context than Danny Boyle's cringeworthy Frankie and June. Atlanta knew they weren't Barcelona or Athens, and were happy to admit it.
  9. Interesting... what aspect of urban mobility? I study urban planning and am fascinated by South American transport systems - some of the most innovative in the world. As for the venues - they do appear very behind. I'm not concerned that they can't be knocked together between now and mid 2016 - but more that they won't go through an appropriate level of testing before the big event. It seems like for many of them the Olympics will be the first event entirely - not the best. Not to knock the Brazilian organisation, but this does appear to be the most worrying preparation since Athens.
  10. Yeah it smacked of elitism and a narrow view of the Olympic "product" (ie/ that exposure to the flame be reserved for paying customers. Guess what? The Olympics ARE a tourist attraction) London's cauldron was BEAUTIFUL - but you can't deny that the way the Olympic cauldron was front and centre for crowds to enjoy at Sochi, Turin, Athens and Sydney - is the better atmospheric outcome. I wonder how Rio will overcome this.
  11. Am I the only one that doesn't think Coe is that charismatic? He's always struck me as quite cold and even abrasive.
  12. TBH I'm of the opinion that Oceania is a state of mind. 'Far South Asia' would be a better term.
  13. Bach's clumsyness is catching up with him, this article outlines how his NZ Summer Olympic bid suggestion has been received. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/opinion/68421229/romanos-preposterous-idea-from-ioc-boss-on-new-zealand-hosting-olympic-games I understand that he is a salesman, and is expected to "do the rounds", however he has made a number of bizarre and foolish (read: irresponsible, unethical, misleading) suggestions lately. His concern is only to increase the number of bid cities to make the Games appear more desirable, and has nothing to do with bringing the Olympics to these pla
  14. I've gotta say though, that logo on the cover of the report is beautiful. However it reminds me of Christchurch - it looks like the stain glass window of the Cathedral that was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake.
  15. AustralianFan, Thank you for creating the thread, you don't need to justify to anybody. Great insight to the ins and outs behind the ceremony rehearsal.
  16. Weren't you the one who dismissed melbournes chances entirely in favour of Brisbane based on weather? You realise Durban emerges from winter earlier than J'burg? Furthermore, JB has the elevation issue. It's Africa's Mexico City in more ways than one. Not the best environment for athletes.
  17. Eugene, Oregon. Home of the Cukoos Nest and 2021 Championships.
  18. I doubt staging WYOG events for a Swiss based Games is going to impact Paris 2024.
  19. Irresponsible idiot. Does he really think the SOG is suited to Auckland? Does he really think his committee will vote for them? He is an outright, deceitful liar.
  20. I heard a rumour Throne is a freelance authoritarian speech writer... Clients include ISIS and the Government of North Korea.
  21. Your use of pompous, redundant language makes you seem aspirational and faux-intellectual. Anyway Thorne just seems like the latest mentally unstable troll to grace the forums. Nothing we haven't seen before
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