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  1. Exactly. even if a Qatar voter wasn't bribed in anyway, and genuinely thought it was the best option has questionable logic and ethics. It's a double fail.
  2. I miss Chicago. How great would it be to see Mayor Michelle Obama accept the Olympic flag at the closing ceremony in Stade de France in 2024?
  3. If corruption is proven, this early in the organisational period, it can very well void the contract. Would be hard for a lawyer to argue that against the Qataris. Relocation doesn't necessarily have to be to those countries - Australia would rightly be off the cards as it is also implicated in the corruption investigation (albeit far far less) Again - we should keep our eyes on South Korea *wouldnt be hard to argue against Qataris
  4. Ok now you're being ridiculous. Are you forgetting Salt Lake?
  5. Yes, and those Southern Hemisphere cities will be Christchurch or Santiago - not Canberra. Just because it snows in Canberra and is close to ski resorts doesn't make it a viable option.
  6. If Edmonton swoops on 2026 then Hamilton 2030 is an obvious no go.
  7. Australian news tonight very much concerned on our own shifty ways in our 2022 bid. Although on a far lesser scale than Russia, SA and Qatar, we 'donated' $500,000 to Trinidad and Tobago for sports infrastructure and all of it went into the personal bank account of a FIFA crony. Probably stuffed our 2023 Women's WC bid before it's even off the ground.
  8. Right - but this is about two separate organisations. The suggestion that the U.S. rightfully calling bullsh!t on corruption in FIFA that cost it the 2022 WC will hardly impact it's own Olympic bid. This will, however, be the nail in the coffin of any Olympic ambition of Qatar. They're officially cooked, if they had any chance at all. Or it could cause a knee jerk support to a U.S. bid to compensate . The Sion comparison is off as it was quite a different set of circumstances.
  9. And that's just it, isn't it? We just hosted in 2000 - I don't think there is any lustful urge in the Australian population or political landscape to do it again so soon. Realistically 2040 is a good starting point . Who knows, Melbourne might be one of few previous hosts that gets to host again on its centennial in 2056.
  10. Why? The U.S. is the whistleblower and doesn't have to be penalised for calling out the dishonesty of others . Nutshell is that the U.S. missed out on hosting 2022 because of corruption of 11 individuals. Take a look at the voting for 2022, imagine where those votes may have gone... Heck Australia could have won.
  11. Also taking the World Cup off Russia and allocating it to the U.S. would be throwing kerosine on the fire. Politically it could be structured as shaming Russia, but allowing them to host under "it's too late now"; but stripping Qatar by the same token that there is still more than enough time to prepare an alternative host nation. Yes, the U.S. is an option as the runner up, however removing it from Asia might not be a good idea, particular as it is the U.S. that has pulled the rug from under their feet. This is why I think South Korea is a potential resolution for 2022. It has the infra
  12. Would England even need to joint bid with Scotland? Their 2018 plan seems like it could be activated within 2 years.
  13. Hypothetically, could England step in at this late stage as 2018 host?
  14. Calling it a country is a stretch. The the dirt yard of a bunch of a-moral nouveau riche peasants.
  15. Overheard interview on ABC here in Oz that this is a potentially 'terminal' undermining of Qatar 2022. There is still time, give it to South Korea.
  16. I find this event perplexing . Doesn't anybody else think that if a European Games of this scale was viable, they would be up and running already? I think if it had commenced in the 50s it may have had a similar viability today like the Asian Games, but kick starting it in Central Asia isn't a way to get Europe itself to embrace it. I think it speaks for itself that Azerbaijan got this off its feet.
  17. Id be very surprised if Coe backed Boston over Paris. It just seems right for the former leader of London 2012 to get behind Paris - probably the closest the Olympics will come again to London this half of the century.
  18. The above could have come from a progress report in 1973.
  19. If you're referring to the logo that won this years contest, I absolutely agree. Would hands down be a perfect logo for 2020 that salutes both Japanese culture, simplicity and 1964- whilst being distinctive in its own right. Very hard to beat. Hope Japan keeps it simple. In fact I even had a thought that it would be a rate opportunity to 'reheat' the 1964 logo - I think it would be quite exciting to use the 1964 logo again, with only '2020' changed, or make the rising sun blue (instead of red) to symbolise the earth. It was a great logo, but I think it was quite busy, and very 90s. I hop
  20. Hi everyone... Just thought I'd create a thread to discuss the logo - we can't be too far off now from hearing about dates regarding its unveiling. Frankly - I'm looking forward to this more than I am the 2022 decision (lol - who cares, just give it to Almaty). While I'm not at all a fan of the 2020 bid logo, I loved the 2016 bid logo. I have an early hunch that the 2020 logo will bear some resemblance to the iconic 1964 emblem.
  21. If Boston were the drop out - could the USOC theorhetically ask LA to step in?
  22. Abit bland but better than Sochi's. Could be the slogan for a dating website.
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