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  1. I think the Australian flag has had minor adjustments over the years, I believe as recently as the 1950s? The shade of navy and positioning of the stars varied a bit after federation .
  2. As we all know, geopolitics is a huge part of the Olympic selection process. I think the fact that Almaty is Central Asia, and not East Asia like 2018 and 2022 may give it some underestimated leveridge. If we're going to the same continent, at least make it a different part. (Can you imagine a Chinese handover in South Korea? At least Kazn will offer something much more different)
  3. Yokohama never bid for 2008, that was Osaka. Unless there was some smaller bid at a domestic level, which was won by Osaka? APOLOGIES - just properly read your post and realised this is what you meant. *ashamed*
  4. Great decision. Hadid is a morally bankrupt egotist whose work is usually a good fit for autocrats with deep pockets. Looking forward to something scaled back and culturally appropriate that sets the bar for future stadiums. Tokyo should have looked to London, not Beijing, from the start. At least there is enough time, just.
  5. In this context, do you truly believe Toronto would appeal to voters with the potential choices they'll have? The field is too strong, and the timing is off. It would be an uphill battle for a U.S. City for 2024, let alone Canada. That said, if the Europe/ USA / Africa cycle plays out, Toronto would be an obvious choice for 2036 - but even then cities like Dubai, Istanbul and a swathe of East Asian cities (Shanghai, KL, etc) would be lining up. I just think Toronto would face a similar upset to Chicago if it goes forward for 2024 - too many factors could rationalise it being eliminated earl
  6. Quite surprised so many are easily writing off Almaty. This race is too unique and rare to make any prediction. It is truly 50/50.
  7. Probably one of few cities that can get away with rehashing their former 1964 logo. I quite like the idea of a Tokyo 2020 logo being an exact copy of the 64 logo - perhaps with a blue or green dot to represent earth as a whole, and not just the Japanese nation. Just a thought.
  8. ... or have an authoritarian IOC president hail from your city and fiddle the books. Barcelona 92 was iconic, but we all know 1992 should have gone to Paris.
  9. A Canadian based broadcaster coming to the conclusion that Toronto would be a favourite... That's ground breaking impartiality right there. Paris, Rome and Hamburg - move aside! Canada needs its fourth helping at the Sizzler all-you-can-eat! Toronto is about as much a threat to Paris as Osaka was to Beijing for 2008.
  10. Yes, but Paris was bidding on the heels of Athens and Torino. Timing at that point favoured a capable North American SOG should a Beijing bid faulter - plus Toronto put up a great bid, which in sure it will again - I just don't think it'll win against a strong European field. Plus Vancouver has happened - which may have some impact.
  11. lol at the CGFs due process... like the dorks have a choice.
  12. Best challenger to Paris is Rome, and perhaps Hamburg, not Toronto. You're kidding yourself if you think it is. It's a different competition to 2008 - with the weight of 2010 thrown in too. Again, Toronto would be to the 2024 race what Paris was for 2008. A substantial and capable bid that will be just shy of front runner status. Bach only wants a Toronto bid because it makes his presidency look good having an array of world class cities - but he knows this is for Europe with the likes of Germany, France and Italy in the race. Remember this is the same guy who said Brisbane and Auckland have
  13. I disagree that Toronto's entry will be that much of a 2024 game changer. This is not 2008- in fact I'd say Toronto would be more like Paris in that scenario. At any rate Toronto would kill the morale of Boston lol
  14. It's only three years since the Games, quite premature to make any solid legacy evaluation for an event of this size.
  15. Actually security below 300 million seems quite reasonable for an event of this size. From memory Melbourne's 2006 Commonwealth Games security was higher than this.
  16. I disagree - Rome is not quite the same threat to Paris as London was. I think Paris needs to be very cautious of Rome, more so than Boston or Budapest (arguably the Madrid/Moscow filler candidates) but there is now such a dramatic weight behind a Paris hosting. Plus, Paris' last Olympics is no longer in conscious memory, Rome 1960 somewhat still is. In almost every conceivable measure of 'deservability' Paris is in front... And that's before we get to issues of economic capability and strategic planning... Where Paris still leads. While Rome would host a terrific Games, I'd be terribly disa
  17. is it just me or is it really funny to read Throne's posts in your head as Dr. Evil?
  18. Given the nightmare 2022 has been, it wouldn't surprise me if they already have a team dedicated communicating with potential 2026 candidates now.
  19. Fantasy as in a modern 'Nepean Games' or fantasy as in 'What if X if Detroit 1968'?
  20. It's a great idea - both Melbourne and Sydney have dedicated areas to the victors of their Games outside their respective stadiums. AFAIK Beijing, Athens and Atlanta haven't done this.
  21. The lavishness of your faux-intellectual language doesn't hide the fact that you have simple, ill informed opinions.
  22. How is LA not a gold plated host? It has the charisma and its economically sound - it's a good fit for the IOC in the post GFC Agenda 2020 era - just like it has been twice before in tough times. That said - i doubt any U.S. city would prevail over Paris or a new frontier like Durban if it's bid isn't completely watertight.
  23. Can't be too hard on the two cities that are enabling the even we love to go ahead in 2022.
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