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  1. Harbin is one of China's most charismatic small cities, they'd be silly to pursue Beijing in the future at its expense. I think if we see a Beijing failure tonight, I'm wondering if the Chinese committees focus will : -Remain on the Winter Games, and if so; -on Beijing, or another option like Harbin or Jilin City. - and if not, and it does think about pursuing a second Summer Games, which can (let's face it) after Tokyo 2.0 the Chinese bid for a SOG:.. Could easily see a strong Shanghai bid in the 2030s....
  2. I honestly can't say. I want Almaty, despite Beijing being one of my favourite cities and being there in person in 2008. I'd like a Chinese Winter Games... But in Harbin.
  3. I think its an extremely creative and playful design - however I can't help but shake the feeling of it invoking thoughts of the LED-fad of the 2002 and 2006 Commonwealth Games batons.
  4. Quite a change of tune from your unwavering Toronto flag waving last week.
  5. Pretty sure it's one of the GB regulars just having us on... It's too obvious to be one of the real loonies like GCL or TELA- although clearly inspired by the pair.
  6. JO2024- you need to wind it down a bit- your attitude is terrible and a put off even to Paris 2024 supporters like myself. The French bid team seem to be working hard to ensure this bid is asshat free, so why don't you cooperate and turn it down a notch.
  7. Good luck to Toronto, no doubt they'll table a strong bid. My heart (and mind) is behind Paris at this point. Can't help but feel Toronto risks boxing itself in as a North American Madrid.
  8. Team Blake USA... Here we go again...
  9. A Brazilian ranking Rio's logo as number 1 - how impartial.
  10. The bold black bar is quite jarring for me - I'd be keen to know if this the colours are up for change like London and Sochi but I don't think they will.
  11. Again - most of the criticism being levelled at Tokyo's logo is framed by a western stand point. TNMP sums it up well.
  12. One aspect I don't like is the theme of "tomorrow" and "team" - it's such mindless fuzzy rhetoric, something that seems to be common with Asian hosts. The world can be a terrible place for many people, and the Olympics will never change that (it's ultimately an event for the highly privileged). To suggest that the Olympics is part of some solution to the ills of our planet is kind of condescending .
  13. You only think that because your taste is stuck in the 90s
  14. It's growing on me. This is not a logo to be under estimated. Potentially very iconic if they handle it well. Despite that I completely see what people dislike about it .
  15. Actually it might be refreshing to have a simple and 'savoury' palette for the venues (gold, black, grey and red shapes could look stunning) Basically every Olympics since Sydney has had a whole spectrum of colours adorning it's venues, it might be refreshing to step back into something more handsome and conservative - like Atlanta's green quilt.
  16. That font isn't my cup of tea - but at least it's original. I'm going to let the actual logo simmer for a while.
  17. Currently in Hong Kong.. Such a shame they left the commonwealth games. Would have been just want the event needed .
  18. ^ too difficult to align with the many options the U.S. has at its disposal. Canada has just one obvious choice for its summer Olympic bid, the U.S. Has many. Plus, second tier events are not an assurance to Olympic success - Rio is not relevant to Toronto. We know Toronto could pull off a great Games - the IOC wasn't so sure about Rio's ability before it hosted 2007 - evident in its decision to exclude it from the shortlist for 2004. That would never happen to Toronto.
  19. "180 kilometres east of Seoul" Didn't realise they were so close. With the infrastructure they're putting in to connect PC to Seoul (think Whistler or Jangjiakou) these winter games might have been better off as Seoul 2018...
  20. lol that design looks like Great Britain.. Or a duck
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