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  1. Why on earth would they cut LA? Aside from being a USOC candidate, it's probably the only city that can really match Paris' capability.
  2. That list makes no sense - how is Brooklyn a separate entity to NYC?
  3. Change is good. KL was a silly idea. Not only is London the historic core of the Commonwealth- it's strategically appropriate - within a single flight of all parts of the Commonwealth - sans Oceania
  4. No but you just swiped 1+billion people into one basket. Says more about your own lack of intelligence than anything else
  5. I think in the age of digital TV surely an option should be offered to switch off commentary at events / ceremonies so the only sound is that from the venue... I'd enjoy just taking in the sounds at an event and relying on just the venue announcements for info.
  6. The USOC might want to consider sticking to one city for at least two attempts. Hindsight is 2020 but we all know if Chicago persisted it may have snared 2020
  7. I was not attacking you, apologies if that's how it came across. But I genuinely don't think capping he cost of ceremonies is helpful. Cities will pull back if they really need to.
  8. I don't think capping the cost of ceremonies will solve the worlds ills. They are somewhat unrelated. (willing to justify because I love pomp)
  9. The fact someone has the spare time on their hands, even as a joke, is sad. Look at the detail in that Anaheim venue list...
  10. Or what about a giant sushi train around the stadium parading Japanese history... oh what, Athens...
  11. Sydney won on its first attempt. It won on its first presentation to the IOC itself - nobody cares about the domestic intricacies.
  12. I call upon the youth of the world, to J O four years from now...
  13. It's spamming- and extremely overt and deliberate spamming/trolling. this clearly someone doing a parody of TELA/GCL type characters that have come before- the joke has gone way too far. If the forum doesn't have any suitable policy to address such silly behaviour then it shouldn't have its hand out for subscription fees - Simple reason I never renewed mine is simple issues like this where there is no value for money. Even simple things like the Tokyo 2020 forum still being named a bid.
  14. Coates has supported Brisbane long before any of these reforms. It has more to do with the Melbourne team calling him out on his bias and veering close to corruption during the Melbourne 1996 bid, where he was known to be working against it in favour of Sydney 2000. The AOC will be better when he's gone. Besides Melbourne is far more aligned with Agenda 2020, it has a huge capacity of existing venues all strategically placed. Brisbane has very few, that those that do exist are spread out over a large area (the distance this Brisbane bid is talking about is some 250km north to South- it's r
  15. Then why not just leave it the way it is. Certainly there must be some fairness in elimination - Sports Accord provides that thorough justification.
  16. Moderators, moderate! No wonder I've not renewed that redundant paid subscription.
  17. Interesting how this seems to have progressed simply by Coates own opinion. Unlike the domestic voting system in the 80s to select Aust candidates, the AOC seems extremely non-transparent. I don't think any Aust city would nab 2028 - but if we're thinking into the 2040s it would be foolish to exclude Sydney and Melbourne on the basis of them already hosting.
  18. I didn't realise venue capacity was pegged to global population growth - thanks for the clarification. I'd always wondered how they came up with the number of seats.
  19. Why bother? The bid will likely fail against Paris and then leave the last remaining viable (and willing) American city bitter and unwilling to bid in the cycle (2028/32) that it has the greater chance of winning.
  20. Clearly I was not trying to communicate anything of the sort, re: Almaty as a "god send". "Both were undesirable" was the start of my sentence... I was pro Istanbul because for a good part of the race it seemed like the best option for 2020 - it had an existing stadium, and was already undertaking substantial capital infrastructure works (which are well underway, I might add). Besides which, Tokyo is hardly some LA84 style'Games-lite'. Turns out it is becoming quite a cumbersome mess. And yes - it can be both ways. Each race is unique and individual, and I am a person who as the right
  21. I think I only realised how much I preferred Almaty after Beijing was read out. Both were undesirable , but Almaty would have done less damage to the perception of the WOG over bloated. So the WOG is unattractive, so the IOC puts it in the city associated with hosting the most OTT Summer Games ever. Hmmm
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