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  1. It's very different, but surely this will restrict what they can do during the ceremony, unless its removable or something (which seems unlikely). It is very British though...
  2. No I never agreed to the 'move them quickly for the plane idea', that is stupid. I just think its quite interesting how those pods are closely grouped. Anyway, all of us have no idea!
  3. To the west and south side of the stadium there is space! I'm pretty sure something is going on to do with those pods, btw does anyone know why they changed the design of them, originally they were bubble shaped, but now they're bland boxes.
  4. I couldn't agree with you more. Why would they have the pods so closely grouped, when there is space around other parts of the stadium, very fishy indeed!
  5. Interesting... Very interesting indeed, well found
  6. God I hope it doesn't, I hated vancouver's cauldron and lighting of it. I think there should only be one cauldron. I have a feeling the stage is simply for the bell that will chime at the start of the opening ceremony. Although I do hope our lighting is somewhat like Sydney's as it was spectacular!
  7. I'm pretty sure the cauldron is already built, or being built, but is hidden underground, in the water or maybe inside the stadium!
  8. We've discussed this already, it's for some ikea thing.
  9. I think the tickets look fantastic, very eye catching and modern. A much better design than that of Beijing and Athens. I'm looking forward to see my tickets for table tennis and handball!
  10. Yes that looks rather suspicious. I was reading an article at the telegraph online about Thomas heatherwick and he said that he will be revealing the cauldron during July, I don't know whether that means before the opening ceremony, or during. What do you think?
  11. This is no where near grand enough as it should be in my opinion
  12. Oh I didn't realise! I don't really mind where it is as long as the lighting is spectacular. However it must be near or on the stadium, but not in it Plus I also watched the one show today and was very excited when they mentioned the cauldron and he kept replying "maybe" incredibly frustrating!
  13. Check out this video below of the London 2012 Official Game, a separate cauldron structure can be seen outside te stadium (and it's not the orbit)
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