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  1. And that would link in with the 5 final torch bearers that have been rumoured in the news!
  2. To be quite frank I have no idea of what's going to be the design of the cauldron, where it is, who's going to light it or how its going to be lit, I'm starting to ponder whether to just wait for the opening ceremony as I think nothing is going to be leaked even though we're so close to the start of what will be the greatest Olympics ever (even better than Sydney's!!!)
  3. I'm sure the cauldron lighting was imagined by heatherwick a year ago when it was announced he was designing the cauldron, I think there probably has been no change to the original proposal by the government.
  4. What you say is true but LOCOG trusted G4S with the security and it was G4Ss fault not LOCOGs, they simply let them down and now it has been fixed, everything else is going to plan I'm sure. Just because there is one problem doesn't mean the whole thing is going to pot. If G4S were in control then I'd be making suggestions that other areas may be experiencing problems, but they're not...
  5. The off topic questions are fine if they don't persist, it's better to have something to talk about than nothing...
  6. The whole point of this forum was to discuss the cauldron location no? You stated in your comment that you strongly believe there is no point in trying to search for the location anymore and that LOCOG have beaten us, which is true in my opinion. So I suggested that you should leave if you think there is no point in searching for the location anymore, which is what this forum was created for, it wasn't an order!
  7. If you believe these things Yes, I've been speculating this for some time now, why choose one when you can have more? It creates new options...
  8. No it won't be, but it's a POSSIBILITY and AustralianFan is looking at all the options.
  9. Plus this isn't a place for arguments, but to find information as a GROUP
  10. As a neutral point of view I think your tone is a lot more obnoxious...
  11. Never the less the idea I have put forward is highly improbable, but IT IS POSSIBLE
  12. Plus I the pillar I suggested is a platform for the final torchbearer to light the cauldron (wherever that may be) or to begin a leap of faith to it?!
  13. Thank you for that... Just an idea haha You do realise a pillar of the size you suggested doesn't have to be just one whole piece, it could rise from inside each other like a Russian doll...
  14. I think that highlighted area is a platform that will raise up. Why do I think this? Well, I was looking at recent photos of the stadium interior and found that the wires stretching above and over the roof join together to make a perfectly circular shape at the centre of the stadium bang in line with this highlighted area, this tells me that a platform will rise from the centre and pass through this circle, therefore not interrupting the cables above!
  15. Thank god that horrid floor will become beautiful at night!
  16. That's the cauldron location, I think we've solved it!
  17. the cauldron is already built and has been for some time now, it's just hidden or located off site where it was built and is ready to be placed just before the games begin! The best way to build something secretly is to build it somewhere else!
  18. Thank you, at least someone understands, I can see I've got people saying things again! Let's keep it up! Being the busiest forum and all!
  19. I really like this view of the 'stadium island' looks very good
  20. Oh never mind I found an article from the telegraph stating this staging will be removed during the ceremony and made way for other 'settings'. Seems promising! Plus I don't think the tree has anything to do with the cauldron.
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