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  1. No, apparently it will be moved back to the centre of the stadium and extinguished from there... however I'm not too sure
  2. Only because the other person involved is usually wrong, it's just my neutral perspective on the conversations.
  3. We are now coming to the closing days of the London 2012 Olympic Games and from what I have witnessed both at the park and on television has been spectacular, an atmosphere like no other Olympics (not even Sydney's could match), without a doubt for me this is the greatest Olympics ever. The cauldron is beautiful and would have looked out of place on the roof. It just needs to be raised higher so that it looks more prominent. I agree that the cauldrons final location is disappointing, however it is satisfactory. To be quite frank it being a huge tower to the north end or a sculpture in trafalgar square wouldn't have created the beautiful sequence I watched at the opening ceremony. To repeat, the atmosphere has been unbelievable, I have never heard a crowd scream and cheer more in praise or despair. These games have been breathtaking and the best of all (so far) These truly are the "people's games".
  4. That design as a tower to the north of the stadium would have been spectacular... shame costs destroyed that!
  5. Yes you're right, however there are one or two. I just feel their execution will be poor, I don't know why I just have a feeling. I can't see Rio as being a successful host nation for the Olympics, for the world cup they're perfect, but for the Olympics no. What do you think?
  6. I'm not sure what to make of Rio 2016, I can see it being a bit of a flop, late built stadiums and poor execution. But who knows?! I'm pretty sure they'll go for a cauldron tower though... copycats (like the logo)
  7. Thomas heatherwick confirmed in an interview that the cauldron will be placed where the bell was for the opening ceremony. Sorted.
  8. Stunning. The cauldron is beautiful, the ceremony was fantastic (better than Sydney's). My only concern is where the cauldron will go now.
  9. If you looked at my post weeks ago i said there is a whole at the centre of the wire complex...
  10. This is Great Britain, we moan about everything!
  11. So what channel is broadcasting the games in America? Of course they won't! Beijing's budget was £200 million, ours is £27 million (i think) you can't replicate a ceremony of that brilliance with so little money in comparison! The opening ceremony I believe will be amazing though, we always put on a good show.
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