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  1. I'm not sure where it will go... maybe nowhere and simply destroyed?
  2. "hard act to follow" is an expression that means the performance, show, event or whatever after this one (London) is going to find it difficult to match!
  3. You've got an extremely hard act to follow, my friend
  4. I thought the cauldrons extinguish was beautiful and in some ways the best part of the closing ceremony. The fact that it had the ability to move to a different angle and stay there makes it sooo unique and wonderful. The final location of it may have been a poor choice, but it is without a doubt the most elegant in design.
  5. Well the rio performance was... interesting, especially the black man in the white suit, he made me fall off my chair in laughter. I'm looking forward to what will be a crazy games in both atmosphere and organisation! Bring on Rio!
  6. Maybe the logo will be incorporated into the cauldron
  7. God I forgot about Sochi! Haha, I think they're doing a tower from the designs of their stadium, but I still think rip will go for a tower
  8. Thanks for letting me know, I didn't realise I was coming off that way. Caught up in the moment of the final stages of these amazing games!
  9. These are my home games and nothing will be able to match them... :'(
  10. Obviously it is impossible to predict whether Rio is going to do better or not, however you have an idea whether they are capable of doing it and in my opinion they're not. The experience I had at the London Olympics was better than my experience in Sydney's and we all know how difficult Sydney is to top.
  11. If you see it that way then I apologise, however this is my opinion and I just can't see a South American country matching the best games I have experienced. I always thought Sydney's would be unbeatable, but London has done so and only a capital of that stature would be able to do so.
  12. No my concern is that they shouldn't be boring and copy the format of numerous others and that they should take inspiration from the difference in London's logo NOT that they should copy London's... Jesus Christ
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