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  1. Not much to say here but I like the pictogram segment and the flame being that tall, also someone should ban 'Imagine' from all future ceremonies, it's peak cringe, I hate it, Also @Ikarus360 keep your hopes lit ma mate, Japan still has Aichi-Nagoya Asiad in 2026, let's hope they'll redeem themselves there
  2. Switch it up with YOGs, does NBC even care if we get everyone to march at let's say Gangwon 2024? I think they wouldn't mind that, The big Olympics on the other hand...
  3. See you at the 2 Birminghams then, not that either of them will be grand imho
  4. Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, 3 possible mega ceremonies in one year. 2022 might gonna be a huge party for China
  5. The future is now stupidly large Olympic drone displays mate
  6. Haven't seen Olympic Flame like that since YOG Singapore 2010
  7. Traditional Japan ah yes, can be a hit or miss depending to your taste
  8. Remember that depending on Tokyo COVID cases, we might get spectators for the paras, that alone will make things much more better for everyone
  9. If Dakar can delay the YOG to 2026, there's should be no reason why Japan should get a normal Olympics instead of this shitshow
  10. You're an IOC prez, not a tech man showcasing their new phone or laptop or some ****, don't act as if you're in Apple, Bach-ass
  11. Really makes you want to ride a time machine to disqualify him, isn't? Such a irony the IOC went this weird under the leadership from an actual Olympian himself?
  12. It's it really for the Olympics itself or it's just a personal pick from Mr. Bach-ass?
  13. Or why don't just allocate those huge amount of empty stadium seats for the athletes?
  14. Which one is the part where the Aussies went in? I felt like rickrolled there
  15. Man.. Back when Tokyo won the bid, my dream was to visit it for the games, sucks how now no one can even watch it live aeugh
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