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  1. I can altar it but I was just wondering if I had too. Boston 2024 has released its logo!
  2. Well I have a bid book that I'm currently working on for another game that is for the 2028 Olympics. Only issue most of the stuff in the book says "2028" instead of "2024" Would this be a big deal?
  3. It's alright fellas I joined another game I found. Thanks though Plus all my stuff is marketed as '2028' so that'd be a pain trying to change..
  4. He said there was already a bid for the US (Chicago) Who already bidded in 2016 and wouldn't bid again but whatever I guess..
  5. It sucks that I've been working on the bid book for the past 3 days and have about 50 pages done and I waisted my time on it... Hopefully someone makes a 2028 games..
  6. Are you seriously not doing a 2028 bid comp? Chicago couldn't host the Olympics , the NIMBYs would block it hard just like in 2016,
  7. Boston is preparing a bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics, as is the first city to officially throw there name in contention.
  8. Are there any examples of a bid book posted here? I might apply with Lisbon, Portugal but I'm probably not, im just probably going to start doing my Boston 2028 work (assuming you make a game for it), so for any future of these games, just pencil me in for Boston, and I already have people to help. Like I said before I'm supporting Melbourne's bid so I am helping them with there bid if they'd like.
  9. I'm not bidding using another city since I'm not familiar with a lot of cities outside of the USA. Instead in the 2028 version of this ill bid with boston. Hopefully you make one. . For this one im going to support Melbourne, Australia's bid. So I'll help with the bidding process for melbourne if asked.
  10. I'm looking for people to join me as well to get everything set up. I have a Facebook account, and email account to talk to my partners on as well. I need: -> Graphics coordinator (logos, maps, etc.) -> Media Coordinator (like videos) -> and people to help to me with the long application forum I hope people buy in to my vision and I hope to have a chance. Please give me a chance even though I'm late.
  11. To the leaders of the IOC (Lord David); Hello I'm interested in starting a committee for te Region of New England in the United States of America. I wanted to incorporate Boston, Providence (RI, Newport (RI), Cape Cod (MA), Hartford (CT) and other areas to create an awesome Olympic event for 2024. We have most of the stuff already built and we have huge local support due to the love for sports here. We are also very scenic region and are undergoing major transit upgrades and infastructure upgrades. Please get back to me. I also believe we can deffinetly win the bid and even beat out Chicago.
  12. Hello, I'm the leader of a committee that is interesting in branding a "New England 2024" bid. I'm looking for members of my committee. So PM me and I would like to know how I throw my region in the ring.
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