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  1. After comparing for a few times between A or B... I chose A because I think B will not attractive in black and white version.
  2. I found another two : Albertvile 1992 : If I'm not mistaken, the cauldron was lit before the the flame from the Olympic torch touch the cauldron Beijing 2008 : Some of the drums (that used in the countdown) didn't light at the correct timing
  3. Exactly... I'm a bit shocked with the comments responding to my comment. Probably my short comment made some people think "this person didn't know about the real problem" and then "explained" it
  4. US always thinks that they can mix politics with Olympics....
  5. Lol. This is my favorite, I always smiled when I watched the footage. Could you tell me the examples of the failed pronunciation of the London 2012 female announcer?
  6. I really want to download music at klepsydra but the link is expired... Can anyone re-upload it or send it to my email griff_hebat@hotmail.com ? Thanks.
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