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  1. In TVRI, yes, they got 3 hour quota for the OC (or I can say 2 hour and 55 minutes because the last 5 minutes were used for worthless commentators session). Shame on them that they cut the last performance which end almost exactly with those stupid comments. Oddly enough, today's morning broadcast of the events has 3 hour quota (8 am - 11 am Indonesian time) but it ended in 11.06. Usually they cut it (no matter what) and finish the event 5 minutes before the quota end for medal standings and closing credits.
  2. Wow, I think I got a friend who has the same interest like me... complete the parade of nations
  3. If it is implemented in the Olympics, NBC will certainly very unhappy about loss of place for commercials
  4. Ah yes... Indonesia spoiled the SEA Games OC with that crappy lighting. 3 last SEA Games (2009-2013) have no-good cauldron lighting, or at least you can say that they're unable to cover their bad plan nicely
  5. well i'm just joking by changing the original words with "ceremony" :D
  6. Ironically, I can't watch it on TV at that time (Indonesian TV were awful rating chaser guys). Watched it on YT and it became my longtime favorite. Like Rogge said "unforgettable, dream Games ceremony :D"
  7. Well I'm the one who believes that there should be a certain restrictions to past host countries which want to bid again. 50 years is too cruel, so lets say 30-40 years would be enough. I was upset when I looked at a sports book that Atlanta hosted 1996 Games (I was born in March 1996, not able to watch Atlanta announcement of course). I thought "US hosted LA 1984, and they're doing it again in other city ?! Didn't the IOC have certain rules to stop them? How about the Greeks who really wanted the Games ?"
  8. And in Indonesia there's no info about broafcasting.. Hopefully TVRI will give surprise like before (suddenly broadcasting Sochi 14 OC without any announcement)
  9. Here's mine... my logo... the file was corrupted and I tried my best to recreate it http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag21/allpbll88/Mobile%20Uploads/logo_zpsza1k30mi.png
  10. Well, I can't believe that my "not-so-good" bid book can reach this round. Satisfied with the result, as it will be a good experience in making future bid books.
  11. How's everyone doing? Currently I'm working on the last bits of the book and the logo
  12. I'm considering to bid with China, but don't know whether I have enough time to do this or not...
  13. Great find Ikarus360, that's what I can said
  14. Can anyone tell me if there is full OC video of: 1984 Summer Olympics 1984 Winter Olympics 1980 Summer olympics - parade of nations I've been looking for them for ages... I've downloaded most of the other Games OC, some of them were deleted now, happy that I can download them before they're deleted
  15. I don't think that Surabaya (or any Indonesian cities) will be ready to host the Games, too many problems to face (not to mention the election)... Kaohsiung would be a good idea with the World Games venues.
  16. I'd really like to see: Summer Games : Belgrade 1992 Athens 1996 Cape Town 2004 Moscow 2012 (pardon me for being russian freak ) Winter Games : Ă–stersund 2002 Zakopane 2006 Sarajevo 2010 Well, some of them were just really personal wish, without thinking whether it's realistic or not
  17. Really? Even though it has short artistic segment, I still wanted to see the whole ceremony (including the parade of course).
  18. Exactly... I've been searching for Sarajevo 1984 complete ceremony for ages and IOC channel is unlikely to upload it. Olympic Ceremony Database didn't have it too (I think). Suprisingly, I found a OC highlights with IOC "label" from YouKu (the chinese youtube).
  19. Voted for D, E, H, K, and L. Most of them gave me good impressions, but I really liked D and L designs.
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