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  1. Ah.. Susi Susanti's cauldron mishap in 2011 SEA Games. It is a shame for Indonesia because Laos and Myanmar (2009 and 2013 edition) managed to create better lighting with arrows . By the way, I feel that Indonesian organizers never learn from that... There's another miss at 2012 Indonesian National Sports Week (Unfortunately I'm unable to find the video)
  2. The first Olympic I watched is Beijing 2008. Fascinated by opening and the events, I started to find past events online. (Actually I was going to watch Athens 2004 but none of the TV stations broadcasted it). Michael Phelps just stuck on my head and I watched some of his victories in the pool. I don't really care about bidding process until 2014 Winter bid opens.. I just keep rooting on Sochi (because the name is somehow cool for me)
  3. Seems like the logo is one of the logo from the logo design competition. I can assure you that it is not official. I think our government should just end this stupid stubborn battle and use the time to develop better athletes for the Asiad....
  4. Are you sure it's complete? I believe you missed Hong Kong So after Hungary, it should be Hong Kong, China. Dunno if the Organizing Committee will use "Hong Kong" only or "Jongguk Hongkong" ("Hong Kong, China" in Korean). I've watched 2014 Asian Games OC, but had forgotten about the parade country name boards already
  5. Age : 19 (will be 20 in March) Nationality : Indonesian, or more specifically Chinese-Indonesian. My grandfather came from Mainland China. Sexuality : Heterogen and quite normal Religion : Raised in a Confucian-practicing family, chose to be a Buddhist and quite agnostic, apparently Madonna : To be honest, I only know Frozen...
  6. Whoops.. Sorry but my keyboard's enter key is currently in a crazy state Fixed it: 12 points - Melbourne D 10 points - Harbin E 08 points - Melbourne J 07 points - Salzburg G 06 points - Borjomi B 05 points - Anchorage H 04 points - Harbin B 03 points - Barcelona G 02 points - Melbourne F 01 points - Salzburg A
  7. And here we go: 12 points - Melbourne D 10 points - Harbin E 08 points - Melbourne J 07 points - Salzburg G 06 points - Borjomi B 05 points - Anchorage H 04 points - Harbin B 03 points - Barcelona G 02 points - Melbourne F 01 points - Salzburg A
  8. Nice logo.. But I don't think you need the character 'shi' (市) because it means 'city' The Chinese logo will read "Harbin City 2022" instead of "Harbin 2022"
  9. Sigh... two ambitious countries battling for Winter Olympics. One must renovate the opening/closing venues, other venues are ready since the last AWG. The other one already hosted the Olympics and converting existing venues to winter sport venues. Looks like I'm going to be silent audience and wait until end of July 2015
  10. TV news said that it was missing somewhere near Belitung (an island between Sumatera and Kalimantan/Borneo). The search and rescue team has been preparing to the island. I hope everything will be alright.
  11. Exactly like I want to say. No logo is 100% criticism-free but the wave of criticism like this may make less people submit ideas in the next competition
  12. My Tokyo 2020 submission. The circle symbolize the sun (like the one in the flag), inside the circle is cherry blossom petals created from modified Ginkgo leaves logo (Tokyo's symbol). The petals' end shaped like "V" which resembles swallow tail (good luck symbol in Japan). I don't intend to create hidden star in the middle but yeah whatever
  13. The Olympic mascot is quite good for me. But we need to do something to the Para mascot : screw all the leaves and leave it with a round head. And that's how the Paralympic mascot should live.
  14. Finally ! It's uploaded now and i just watched it, thanks
  15. Great opening. Unfortunately the results website is down for a few times.
  16. I found Muju / Jeonju Universiade logo here http://www.aldaver.com/other.html#wunivers From the same website, there is no bid logo from Muju but there is a bid mascot (and I found it very odd for not providing bid logo)
  17. My turn now ! In no particular order: - Klepsydra / Hourglass section (Athens 2004) - First 12 mins of Sochi 2014 Opening (the one with the failed rings, of course) - Temple of Zeus (Atlanta 1996) - Typesetting mechanism of Beijing 2008 - First section of Athens 2004 (until the flaming Olympic rings) - Lighting of the cauldron by an arrow (Barcelona 1992) - Nagano 1998 Peace Appeal song (I don't know why bust I just listen to it again and again) - Flying Misha of Moscow 1980 ! - Cauldron lighting of Sydney 2000 - Pandemonium section of London 2012 - Ski jumping with the cauldron (Lillehammer 1994) - Beijing's drum countdown
  18. Well in case you didn't know, during 2011 SEA Games and 2013 Islamic Solidarity Games students are allowed to leave school earlier if they go to competition venues and can't go home until almost evening
  19. Don't worry, local goverments will ask (or maybe forcing) the students to flock the stands and cheer enthusiastically
  20. I live in Jakarta, and what I've found is TVRI cut the ceremony due to stupid broadcast quota thingies... While TVRI Nasional and some of other local TVRI stations (like TVRI DKI and others) were itching to broadcast the news, some of local TVRIs which have some night local shows (8pm or 9pm shows) cut it to broadcast their respective local programs. It is very common to cut ceremonies in Indonesian TV. TVRI's Incheon 2014 events broadcasts were cut for 3-5 minutes per 30 minutes for "Indonesia Terkini". I couldn't even imagine when Jakarta is hosting, private-owned TV stations will most likely pay a lot of money to monopolize the broadcast and what the Indonesians got just badminton+football and the other sports will just broadcasted in news.
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