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  1. As of now, it is still a joke bid.

    They don't talk about how they will deal with Israeli athletes, obviously no one wants to watch the Olympics while demonstrations by white-robed men are everywhere. And also if they really thinking to use Bali, the state of sporting facilities there are really lagging behind... I'd rather support Seoul-Pyongyang

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  2. No one seems to have noticed my previous post above, so I will repost it. As I said, I have found on YouTube the complete ABC coverage of the Sarajevo 1984 Closing Ceremony, with commentary by the late great Jim McKay. It was posted by someone named Imasportsphile.

    Great :D

    I really hoped he uploaded Lake Placid 1980 opening though

  3. I have yet to complete the Moscow Olympics opening ceremony run from Gilberto--must go back on these pages very soo. We now have though the entire Moscow 1980 Parade of Nations from the opening ceremonies in its entirety for the first time on YouTube uploaded by Jethro, who's even more obsessed about these Olympics than I am. This portion runs at just over an hour long in this seriously boycott-impacted Olympics as opposed to subsequent ones that nowdays tend to last over 90 minutes from creators Greece to the host nation in the language's alphabet--and no commercial breaks like with what happened to Seven's in Australia with no countries omitted. Even LA with its boycott issues went longer four years later. Jethro apparently sought and got permission from Gilberto, whose footage comes from Brazil's TV Cultura's live coverage in his multipart uploads, and edited them all seemlessly since he's a fan. So it's shorter by many standards. Too bad instead of the TV Cultura Brazilian Portuguese commentary throughout, we get "Stadium of My Dreams" on constant loop during this. Happy Thanksgiving:

    I think they skipped San Marino and Seychelles....

  4. Yesterday we are 1000 days away from Asiad 2018!!!

    Yay 1000 days to go :D

    However the OCA warned Indonesians that the athletes village, the velodrome, and aquatics center as well must get builded as soon as possible

    and the organizing commitee admit they still far from perfect...

    We'll see what happens next...

    And yes.. it is absolutely far from perfect. Far from acceptable I should say

  5. If our Government is half-hearted for the Asiad then why bother bidding for it...

    And besides Asiad is not the kind of the event our people interested with.. Unlike for example hosting the MotoGP in Sentul which what the general public desires and the Government is also agree too make it happen..

    As i previously stated since last year if we want to host some sort of quick and cheap sports related event then we should host the IOC Session instead with Singapore (2005) and Malaysia (KL 2015) already show how us to do it.. Meanwhlie concerning about how we prepare for the games we got to admit the progress is so slow-mo right now i don't even understand what's the full plan we have for Asiad 2018 and our venue renovations is so minimum and even with that our venues still looks old.. So i hope there's a change soon..

    And lastly regarding the ceremonies i'm confident we will not fooling ourselves in the ceremonies since the ceremonies will be our show-off event i'm sure everyone will do the best to atleast having no major mistake in the ceremonies.

    And oh yeah... Good LUCK in your try to become Asiad 2018's Staff/Volunteer.. Make sure you do the best to get the job!! :D

    Venue preparation is slow, yes that's correct. And I even have no idea with venue plan. While modern and planned venues are trapped in scandals (BMW Stadium in Jakarta and Gedebage Stadium in Bandung >> Bandung was finally stripped from the plan), we have to rely with the existing venues. Palembang is preparation is good but in Jakarta I can barely see any big improvements... By the way, thanks for the best wishes.. They even haven't officially decide the volunteer recruitment system

  6. My fellow concerned Indonesians are planning to have a online petition to change the logo soon...

    I'll post the link in the Asiad 2018 thread if I found it soon..

    But however this is actually more than just the logo..

    For example Malaysians are going to give the Bukit Jalil Stadium a new look although that stadium was first build for CWG 1998 and that just 17 years ago while our Gelora Bung Karno Stadium was first build for Asiad 1964 and that's 51 years ago!!

    Even the Former Singapore National Stadium is younger than our stadium!!!

    That's why I'm confused what's wrong with our preparation for Asiad 2018 which is our biggest multi sporting event since Asiad 1964 but yeah...

    Let's hope for a change really soon..

    Thanks for your support..

    Although the logo is not that good, I'm actually fine with that.

    What I'm concerned is the organization, our government seems half-hearted in bidding for the Games.. Government spending for sport is extremely low and I don't think there will be significant additional funding for the Games.

    I'm afraid that there will be flag and/or national anthem error during awarding ceremony (I'm trying to be part of the Games' volunteer or staff btw)

    plus I'm afraid that the venues lack other facilities, or maybe the equipment broken in the middle of the events (hopefully it won't happen in front of Mr. Bach).

  7. Hello! Thanks for the intro Rols, & for getting this up. So after getting much fewer logos than I expected given wide choice & how long it's been since January's logo comp, this'll be simple after all. Here goes:

    You can vote for up to THREE logos in this stage.

    You have until SUNDAY AT 12PM UK to vote.

    The top 3 logos at the end will progress to the final stages, which will be run under IOC rules.

    That's it I guess, good luck, happy voting, & may the best logo win! :)

    PS: Is there any way to reposition this so it's immediately below Rols' post?

    Wait... can the competitors vote?
  8. Really? None of the last three races were difficult to call.


    2018 > I thought Munich will win. I have no idea about the whole bidding process at that time, I just read the bidding city names from news and thought that Munich is the most well-known so they will simply win.

    2020 > I know Tokyo has a good bid.. But I predicted that there will be some surprise and Tokyo won't win.

    Still need a lot of learning about these bids.

  9. And that's not all! We now finally get to more complete 1984, ABC's tape-delayed coverage of the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Ceremony hosted solely by Jim McKay from Zetra Stadium that was taken from KABC in LA, starting the 63 hours of coverage on a $91 million budget. That was the last time somebody was hosting the ceremonies by themselves on US TV. Of course, this was shown during the US prime time and does not have the actual Opening Ceremony start that we've seen in other clips on YouTube like from JRT. But it was also Samaranch's first Olympics as president with his first OC speech. Interspersed with the Opening Ceremony are those brief retrospectives of past Winter Olympics under the slogan "the Winter Olympic tradition continues". Preceeded by ABC's promo for it and the close of a special sports-themed 20/20 (man, I miss old school 20/20 with Hugh Downs). Never saw it in its entirety. All the more poignant and wistful given what was to tragically come less than a decade later...

    Oh. My. God.

    Finally !!! I could watch one of the rarest Winter Olympic ceremony video (after Lake Placid lol).

  10. But it's so easy to be confused with all those tricolor (both vertical & horizontal) flags. That's not a very unique blooper; I am sure it's happened so many times before. I mean, if you're dyslexic, it can't be helped.

    Well, I agree there could be numerous flag confusion in the Olympics.. But a blooper is still a blooper :P

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  11. Yeah, about that....The Putrajaya Bid Book is in pictures and I don't know how to convert Pictures to PDF, Plus I have no PC, if you can make the Putrajaya Bid Book into PDF and PM me it, then I'll be happy to upload it :)

    Also, those that have participated in the 2026 Fantasy Bid Comp, please RE-UPLOAD your Bid Books here, I've uploaded Australia-New Zealand, West Indies and Antarctica, I'm looking for China, USA, Thailand-Vietnam and Canada!

    I have sent you my China bid pdf to your email... Lost the file from my HDD, so I forwarded the email

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