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  1. Moscow 1980 Parade of Nations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe1RuTOjRqw Artistic Section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5QvGawX1Us Closing Ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDm-7eSV3J8
  2. As of now, it is still a joke bid. They don't talk about how they will deal with Israeli athletes, obviously no one wants to watch the Olympics while demonstrations by white-robed men are everywhere. And also if they really thinking to use Bali, the state of sporting facilities there are really lagging behind... I'd rather support Seoul-Pyongyang
  3. Great I really hoped he uploaded Lake Placid 1980 opening though
  4. Such a pity Indonesia failed to top the medal table... Btw, great job in delivering the games, so I'd like to say congrats Singapore
  5. Because North Korea is actively bidding for World Junior championships.. I am planning to use Pyongyang Summer and Winter editions are also possible with that city
  6. I think they skipped San Marino and Seychelles....
  7. Yay 1000 days to go And yes.. it is absolutely far from perfect. Far from acceptable I should say
  8. Venue preparation is slow, yes that's correct. And I even have no idea with venue plan. While modern and planned venues are trapped in scandals (BMW Stadium in Jakarta and Gedebage Stadium in Bandung >> Bandung was finally stripped from the plan), we have to rely with the existing venues. Palembang is preparation is good but in Jakarta I can barely see any big improvements... By the way, thanks for the best wishes.. They even haven't officially decide the volunteer recruitment system
  9. Although the logo is not that good, I'm actually fine with that. What I'm concerned is the organization, our government seems half-hearted in bidding for the Games.. Government spending for sport is extremely low and I don't think there will be significant additional funding for the Games. I'm afraid that there will be flag and/or national anthem error during awarding ceremony (I'm trying to be part of the Games' volunteer or staff btw) plus I'm afraid that the venues lack other facilities, or maybe the equipment broken in the middle of the events (hopefully it won't happen in front of Mr. Bach).
  10. Asian Games in crisis I believe. Just try googling "2023 Asian games bid" and you will only get HK and Hangzhou news.
  11. My first reaction when I saw them is "Nani ?!" (Japanese for "what ?!"). The logo's retro concept failed to convey "future" or "tomorrow" as they wanted to call it. It seemed so dull and lack of energy for an Olympic logo. Oddly enough, I liked the Paralympic logo.
  12. Oh. My. God. Finally !!! I could watch one of the rarest Winter Olympic ceremony video (after Lake Placid lol).
  13. I have sent you my China bid pdf to your email... Lost the file from my HDD, so I forwarded the email
  14. Seems like the logo is one of the logo from the logo design competition. I can assure you that it is not official. I think our government should just end this stupid stubborn battle and use the time to develop better athletes for the Asiad....
  15. Are you sure it's complete? I believe you missed Hong Kong So after Hungary, it should be Hong Kong, China. Dunno if the Organizing Committee will use "Hong Kong" only or "Jongguk Hongkong" ("Hong Kong, China" in Korean). I've watched 2014 Asian Games OC, but had forgotten about the parade country name boards already
  16. Sigh... two ambitious countries battling for Winter Olympics. One must renovate the opening/closing venues, other venues are ready since the last AWG. The other one already hosted the Olympics and converting existing venues to winter sport venues. Looks like I'm going to be silent audience and wait until end of July 2015
  17. The Olympic mascot is quite good for me. But we need to do something to the Para mascot : screw all the leaves and leave it with a round head. And that's how the Paralympic mascot should live.
  18. Finally ! It's uploaded now and i just watched it, thanks
  19. Wow, I think I got a friend who has the same interest like me... complete the parade of nations
  20. If it is implemented in the Olympics, NBC will certainly very unhappy about loss of place for commercials
  21. well i'm just joking by changing the original words with "ceremony" :D
  22. Ironically, I can't watch it on TV at that time (Indonesian TV were awful rating chaser guys). Watched it on YT and it became my longtime favorite. Like Rogge said "unforgettable, dream Games ceremony :D"
  23. Great find Ikarus360, that's what I can said
  24. Can anyone tell me if there is full OC video of: 1984 Summer Olympics 1984 Winter Olympics 1980 Summer olympics - parade of nations I've been looking for them for ages... I've downloaded most of the other Games OC, some of them were deleted now, happy that I can download them before they're deleted
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