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  1. Moscow 1980 Parade of Nations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe1RuTOjRqw Artistic Section: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5QvGawX1Us Closing Ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDm-7eSV3J8
  2. As of now, it is still a joke bid. They don't talk about how they will deal with Israeli athletes, obviously no one wants to watch the Olympics while demonstrations by white-robed men are everywhere. And also if they really thinking to use Bali, the state of sporting facilities there are really lagging behind... I'd rather support Seoul-Pyongyang
  3. Great I really hoped he uploaded Lake Placid 1980 opening though
  4. Such a pity Indonesia failed to top the medal table... Btw, great job in delivering the games, so I'd like to say congrats Singapore
  5. Because North Korea is actively bidding for World Junior championships.. I am planning to use Pyongyang Summer and Winter editions are also possible with that city
  6. I think they skipped San Marino and Seychelles....
  7. Yay 1000 days to go And yes.. it is absolutely far from perfect. Far from acceptable I should say
  8. Venue preparation is slow, yes that's correct. And I even have no idea with venue plan. While modern and planned venues are trapped in scandals (BMW Stadium in Jakarta and Gedebage Stadium in Bandung >> Bandung was finally stripped from the plan), we have to rely with the existing venues. Palembang is preparation is good but in Jakarta I can barely see any big improvements... By the way, thanks for the best wishes.. They even haven't officially decide the volunteer recruitment system
  9. Although the logo is not that good, I'm actually fine with that. What I'm concerned is the organization, our government seems half-hearted in bidding for the Games.. Government spending for sport is extremely low and I don't think there will be significant additional funding for the Games. I'm afraid that there will be flag and/or national anthem error during awarding ceremony (I'm trying to be part of the Games' volunteer or staff btw) plus I'm afraid that the venues lack other facilities, or maybe the equipment broken in the middle of the events (hopefully it won't happen in front of Mr. Bach).
  10. The ceremony was so-so. They said the venues are good so I searched for the venue details in the official website (which is very difficult). Trying to find the results and it's even more painful... No detailed results and scattered everywhere.
  11. Congrats Oran. Nice venues. Actually would be nice if the joint bid plan from Kotor-Mostar-Dubrovnik was finalized and eventually selected
  12. Asian Games in crisis I believe. Just try googling "2023 Asian games bid" and you will only get HK and Hangzhou news.
  13. Here you go: (and I forgot to say that the blue color also represent Finland)
  14. Finland 2(Turku): http://postimg.org/image/n7zytqzqb (Just trying to submit my bad designing skills and see how it goes lol) Blue curve represents Aura River in Turku. Brown thing on the left is symbolic representation of Turku Castle. Purple and yellow means day and night - representation of Games' period. Green square is the field/stadium where the action happens.
  15. Jakarta? Lol. If that happen, one country won't compete then They're simply unwanted by the citizens. I couldn't even imagine to use my own country in GB competitions
  16. Well.. 2018 > I thought Munich will win. I have no idea about the whole bidding process at that time, I just read the bidding city names from news and thought that Munich is the most well-known so they will simply win. 2020 > I know Tokyo has a good bid.. But I predicted that there will be some surprise and Tokyo won't win. Still need a lot of learning about these bids.
  17. Oh no... Beijing won. What a shame. So lack of ready-to-go venues and artificial snow combined with environmental issue still can make you win a five rings bid. But, well, congrats Beijing. My prediction for 3 Olympic host has been wrong so far lol.
  18. Meanwhile in Jakarta, just km from KL, no one seems to know what's going on there. Wait, I do. I thought Almaty's presentation was good and really highlight others' weakness. Beijing is actually not that bad, though.
  19. My first reaction when I saw them is "Nani ?!" (Japanese for "what ?!"). The logo's retro concept failed to convey "future" or "tomorrow" as they wanted to call it. It seemed so dull and lack of energy for an Olympic logo. Oddly enough, I liked the Paralympic logo.
  20. Oh. My. God. Finally !!! I could watch one of the rarest Winter Olympic ceremony video (after Lake Placid lol).
  21. I have sent you my China bid pdf to your email... Lost the file from my HDD, so I forwarded the email
  22. The first Olympic I watched is Beijing 2008. Fascinated by opening and the events, I started to find past events online. (Actually I was going to watch Athens 2004 but none of the TV stations broadcasted it). Michael Phelps just stuck on my head and I watched some of his victories in the pool. I don't really care about bidding process until 2014 Winter bid opens.. I just keep rooting on Sochi (because the name is somehow cool for me)
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