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  1. I argued it was technically closer (800km to 1,000km) merely to illustrate how stupid the suggestion about Syria was I take it you didn't read the quote you are referring to because no where did I say bigger or larger at all, I merely said that if that was to be considered then Tokyo had similar questions to answer
  2. Oh didums - have I upset you? You don't seem to understand so I shall try to avoid big words - I said Tokyo/North Korea when you said Istanbul/Syria because they are both equally to have same impact i.e. zero. It was your drivel which started it but because you can't take the heat you choose to leave the kitchen. Your choice And I least I use proper English rather than degrade this board with your txt abbreviations
  3. Actually the only person who looked a fool was you for raising such a ludicrous suggestion in the first place but considering the source it can hardly be unexpected. Idiot.
  4. Have you been taken lessons in Inaccuracy from FYI and Athensfan? I have said Toronto would be great, Paris great, even mentioned New York ..... But for the historic record Philadelphia is officially an Alpha - city Brisbane is a Beta - city. Are you suggesting that Brisbane is an iconic as Rio? Because every other host since WW2 has had a higher global rating Australia has a population of 25million. With the exception of the USA, know country has ever had 3 different cities host an Olympics Bidding with Brisbane is like the UK bidding with Manchester to host the games. Enough said.
  5. err, that was in RESPONE to your ludicrous initial suggestions re: Syria and Istanbul
  6. There's is absolutely nothing wrong with speculating who might bid and in fact it should be ENCOURAGED. There is nothing quite like knowledge 'on the ground' to provide practical legitimacy to any suggestion. For example, I personally had no idea that Franklin Field did not have a standard 400m track yet you see a number of suggestions where Franklin Field is suggested as an Olympic stadium for a Philadelphia bid, so it is local knowledge such as that provide by Quaker2001 which is most insightful and interesting.
  7. The NorthWest of Madrid has been a construction site in the 10years I've had to travel there for work. Based on how much a successful Olympic bid could invigorate the completion of even 50% of this work, then it would undoubtedly be that for the completion of this work ..... and then of course this would help the economy turn resulting in the creation of more work. I've often felt that in many ways the infrastructure of Madrid has held the city back compared to Paris, London and even Berlin. A successful Olympic games would help alleviate this. Sorry I mean North East, Madrid is a nightmare for trying to get your compass bearings
  8. Except Germany could with their existing large commitments in Kosovo and Afghanistan were not in position to do so. The US were happy to see their enemy Gadafi rid of, but what the anti democratic allies in the Persian Gulf that provide oil and military bases that the US is quiet about? Its the claim of spreading democracy that brings a smile. Because it occurs, as it should be, only in terms that the US finds palatable, and for example, the US remains comparatively quiet about the Bahrani governments suppression of its only people. Interestingly the US is one of the few democracies scared to sign the statue of Rome and join the International Criminal Court. So when the US preaches how it is a global champion for democracy it is treated with a pinch of salt.
  9. We'll start off with the building of the Olympic village and the main Olympic Stadium Madrid Badajoz airport will be expanded and impetus will be retained to develop the Campo Real airport. The ring road motorway will be expanded and completed and anyone who has travelled on it will be aware that is a nightmare. The area to the northwest of the city was being expanded 2007-08 but this ground to a halt with the downturn occured. A number of these areas will now be completed particularly the access roads which are vital. Both the overland rail and the metro will be upgraded which will certainly help the business community in Madrid. I'd think that maybe 20,000 jobs will be created in the short term and the news the 'Madrid is open for business' will continue that beyond the games in spite of the economic news that the press delights in sensationalising.
  10. I find it interesting that in the current Middle East situations, you were happy to support demographic movements against your opponents (Libya, Syria), jump on the bandwagon late in the day with an ally once the tide had turned (Eygpt) but have done nothing to support democracy in such countries as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Funny that. And how about the US supported failed coup against the democratically elected Chavez in Venezuela? Like with all countries, the USA's interest in democracy is governed by its own interests. As for hoarding technology, its amazing how many non-American companies bidding for defence contracts with allies have to withdraw their bids because the US won't allow the release of that technology, but are happy to do so to American companies bidding for those very same contracts ... is has happened with the Eurofighter Typhoon, the Saab Gripen, all of which use certain US components. Interestingly countries have shied away from using US technology where possible because it comes with conditions attached. But typically you have completely misrepresented what I said. I never said the US was a corrupt dictatorship. In fact I never even questioned the legitimacy of the first Bush election. What I did say is the USA is happy to support corrupt dictatorships and the enemies of democracy when its suits the USA purpose. I also said there is nothing wrong with that, but to try to pretend that it doesn't happen is ridiculous and false.
  11. Actually I wasn't the one who came up with the barmy and ridiculous suggestion that some how events in Syria could have a negative impact on a Istanbul bid In fact I believe it was you that came up with that pathetic and ridiculous line of thinking
  12. Err not quite. Tell that to all the right wing dictatorships that the US has supported, the legitimately elected left wing governments that the US has done all it could to undermine, the military coups it has supported, the illegal war in Iraq it launched etc. Nothing wrong with that but lets forget the fantasy that it is through some sort of altrusim and wanting to make the world a better place And don't even get me started on the technological advances the US has 'allegedly' shared. As with all governments and countries, the USA acts it what it perceives to be its own interests and does nothing to support democracy unless momentum has built up to such an extent, that the US can only but jump on the bandwagon. All governments are like this and it should be pretended to be otherwise.
  13. Actually I think making virtue of the fact that Toronto is the most multi cultural city of the world, where all of the world will feel welcome is likely to be a main selling point.
  14. Except in the Korean War, this led the US into direct conflict with China ...... is Japan worth it when push comes to shove? And nobody can be certain what the increasingly wacky North Korean leadership would do .... the point is that it is at least as dodgy for Tokyo as Syria is to Istanbul
  15. The success of an US bid will be driven IMO by one key factor. The attitude of the bid team. If they go in with what many assume has been the previous attitude of putting together a strong technical bid and some how deserve to reach the final two simply because the USA have bid, then I fear they will be turfed out early on to the backsides. The attitude that its somehow the USAs turn will meet with a similar outcome. Any bid team from LA, Chicago, NY etc need to adopt the attitude that they will likely be up against 2-4 of the World's great cities or countries which fire the imagination of the IOC, and that they are very much underdogs that need to fight to the very last moment for very single vote. There must be the acknowledgement that even the possible likes of Toronto, Durban, Paris etc would be able to provide outstanding venues, facilities which will leave a lasting legacy and can do so without maybe some of the negative perceptions that the politics of their government has created. If the bid team can divorce themselves from those politics, recognise they are in one hell of a battle, and accept that even to finish in last place is no embarassment, then maybe this will be attractive enough for enough IOC members to vote for a US candidate to overcome the odds. But whichever year the US bid - 2024, 2028, 2032 - they are going to face these challenges.
  16. A successful bid will be an catalyst for building work helping the construction sector, infrastructure improvements which will massively help business in Madrid - and having worked there this is a significant need - whilst constructing a large Olympic village of 18,000 people will provide a large opportunity for post games affordable housing. Banks and sponsors are always willing to spend money on facilities where they will have a global awareness raised, and in fact a number of the venues are actually already in place or under construction. The comment that this will be paid for by German and French money is one of the most inaccurate statements made, truly one created from a mind living in fantasyland. The bailout is in fact going to the banks only because the austerity actions already enacted by the Spanish Government are already sufficient to get their debt levels under control even though they are going to slightly miss their target. That is why the EU has agree to send the money directly to the banks. People make a big deal about unemployment rates, but they have already been comparatively high in Spain because of how it is measured/recorded - I have previously worked for a retail business in the UK where the staff turnover rate in the UK per annum was 23% and at our Spanish subsidiary it was 89% and at one retail business in Spain - Zara - staff turnover was 130% per annum and this was before the global downturn. This is because of how the Spanish work force operates so could people please get their facts straight rather than get their information from press sensationalism. Lets not forget that the malaise in the Spanish economy was caused by the property crash, and one of the best ways to make Spain a country of choice again is to host a major international spectacle. And again public support for Madrid 2020 remains extremely high far more so than for Tokyo 2020 because the Spanish realise that an Olympics is a great way to paint Spain in a positive light and receive inward investment. Only the ignorant would see parallels with Athens and Greece.
  17. Which US cities would beat out Toronto? I wonder if LA can provide something new and exciting to entice the IOC over maybe another major US city which might provide that 'wow' appeal like NY or Chicago or maybe even Miami if they were to bid for, win and host a successful 2019 Pan American Games and use it as a stepping stone (ok, there are a lot of 'ifs' with that one)
  18. As England could host the Euro's on their own, there is no incentive on them to share with anyone else. Really I'd like Spain as they've never hosted the real competition but whilst Madrid 2020 is in play they won't Now Italy is mirred in a corruption scandal they won't. Of the recent games - it was 1988 Germany 1992 Sweden 1996 England 2000 Netherlands-Belgium I'd like to see a Sweden-Denmark-Norway bid. A few years ago they tried to bid with these 3 plus Finland and the Swedes have mused about bids with both Norway and Sweden. A 3 country Scandinavian bid would look like this. For Euro 2012 - there were 2 hosts and 51 teams looking to qualify = this would be 3 qualified teams and 50 teams qualifying for 21 places so the 10 groups, with the Top2 qualifying, and then the team with the best record as 3rd placed finisher, be it points or on goal difference. The 6 groups in the final could then be arranged along these lines: Norway: Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen or Stavanger Denmark: Copenhagen, Arhus, Odense or Aalborg Sweden: Solna, Gothenberg, Malmo or Stockholm. Opening Games: Gothenburg Semi-Finals: Copenhagen and Oslo Final: Solna unless someone builds a bigger capacity than the Solna stadium
  19. Only dear, you appear to be turning into a Moron. Anyone who looked up the New York Olympic Bid, will be aware of the Jets moving into the Metlife Stadium and anyone who reads the Wikipedia page can read the Jets (or the Giants) can move out after 15years. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MetLife_Stadium So according to your increasinly cretinous opinions, anyone who can use the internet is me. Wow. Talk about having an IQ under 70.
  20. Yes I know 21years (or 25years is not long) but The Falcons want out of the Georgia Dome which is only 20years old. If you're building a new stadium with an extra 20,000 seats within spitting distance then why not have the team move?. If they are going to be spending at least $750m on an Olympic Stadium, then another $100m to basically tear it down, why not keep it? That is because as newer and newer stadiums get built even relatively modern ones fall behind. If we see new stadiums in San Diego, Los Angeles, Minnesota, Atlanta etc plus newer stadiums in Dallas and New York then even comparatively modern stadiums are not going to generate the same revenue streams and by building a smaller stadium Chicago will fall behind even more because despite the revenue sharing deal, teams keep revenue from certain seats and boxes, a reason that the Bills played some games in Toronto. NY was mooted on Inside The Games, probably because it is an Alpha+ city and a recent candidate. Blame Tom Degun http://www.insidethegames.biz/latest/17051-ioc-agrees-revenue-sharing-deal-with-usoc Also I would add that industrial land is always a bit tricky because in some cases it cannot be used for certain types of development especially housing which therefore makes a sports facility an interesting possibility. And if its such bullshit, why did the Jets insist on the 15 year break clause to get out of the Metlife stadium lease?
  21. After the revenue sharing deal, New York has been mentioned as a potential host. Whilst the 2012 bid fell apart, partially because of the collapse of the West Side stadium deal, is it possible that this could be dusted off and the area opposite the UN along the East River, being used for an Olympics stadium where post-games it could be used by a) The Jets who can get out of the MetLife stadium deal after 15 years which I believe makes this 2025 or a second MLS franchise which many people have spoken about. Taking away the stadium from the Hudson River side of Manhatten could make the overall bid far more compact with more facilities in Queens and Brooklyn but Manhatten, the Bronx and Staten Island still being used. On the initial bid evaluation, NY was 0.1pts behind London, and if they could look to build the Stadium around post-industrial land in much the same way as London did in the Stratford area, it could enjoy similar success.
  22. I think it actually makes an excellent idea - unseemingly? well it gives the opportunity to complete spruce up that area as well. Another idea might be a West Side solution - build the stadium on a platform above the Rail tracks. This has clearly been investigated. I do think however that as you have seen with London and the Olympic Park - despite it being very close to the Stratford Rail Station and multitude of commuter lines coming out of Liverpool St ... in London the stadium is just as close and they've taken the opportunity to make the entire area far more attractive. As for a legacy, I think with such a centrally located stadium, you will have a community legacy. Also by 2024, Soldier Field will be 21years since it reopened and with a small capacity by NFL standards, the Bears could be interested in moving especially if it brings in an extra 20,000 fans per game. Soldier Field could be potentially be restored to its original grandeur. And alternatively if Chicago went for and won 2028 it makes it even more attractive.
  23. Wembley stadium has got perfect sight lines for any Rugby/Football based sport - so why would it not be suitable for the NFL especially as American football has its origins in rugby. Yes, it is actually played on a slightly narrower field but most modern NFL stadiums have been built to FIFA standards hence most of them being in the USA2018/2022 bid. Wembley, the Stade have full seating, luxury/executive boxes as do NFL stadiums etc. Please explain why you think they are not suitable.....
  24. You know what they say - "Never argue with an idiot - they just drag you down to their level and best you with experience" I have seen an NFL Game - I saw the Redskins beat the Lions like a drum in 2007 - October if I recall correctly, and it was at FedEx Field where I was a corporate guest if you must know. I have also seen the Canucks beat the Kings in Vancouver on opening day in 1999 or 2000 (can't recall) and also the Blue Jays beat the Royals in Toronto in July the following year.
  25. Again another inaccurate and false remark. Do they never cease?
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