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  1. Excellent idea, I might use that feature too
  2. That, right there, you cannot even see it.
  3. You’re now loud and obnoxious mate. I agree, you should crawl back from under the rock you came from because your disgusting racist and mental illness denialist opinions are not welcome here. Whatever made you think they would be? You’re making a damn fool of yourself.
  4. Partnership looks to enable the legacy objective of the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games “Following the announcement that Brisbane will host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Otium Planning Group, MR Cagney, APP and Moda Consulting have established a partnership to offer specialist advice to government and Games planners on legacy, infrastructure planning, design and management for sporting facilities and transport infrastructure.” Credit: Australasian Leisure Management, July 29, 2021
  5. AOC and Commonwealth Games Australia unveil "10+10 vision" for Brisbane 2032 - Inside the Games - July 24, 2021 “The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) and Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) have unveiled their "10+10 vision" for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics, proposing a new investment model for sport in the country in the build-up to the Games and the ten years following.” “Both organisations submitted the "Sport - Powering Australia's Future (10+10)" report to the Australian Government.”
  6. New Olympic body for Brisbane as mayor shuffles civic cabinet - Brisbane Times - July 29, 2021 “Brisbane City Council will establish a new committee to steer its early 2032 Olympic Games planning amid a shakeup of civic cabinet, in one of the first administrative moves of the decade-long preparations.”
  7. They’ll be coming off the mountain when the Games come - Brisbane Times - July 29, 2021 “The 2032 Olympic Games could be the catalyst for Brisbane’s commercial television networks shifting from Mt Coot-tha after almost 60 years on the mountain.” “While the networks say they have no immediate plans, they are now eyeing new sites closer to Brisbane’s CBD as the city begins its decade-long march towards the 2032 Olympics.”
  8. In the last few hours, we’ve also seen another champion in Simone Biles of the USA withdraw due to challenges with mental health. Both Naomi and Simone are absolute champions. To disrespect either Naomi or Simone or anyone going through a rough time is not on. Only cowards do that, kick someone while they’re down - looking at you mr.bernham Wishing Naomi and Simone well and looking forward to their recoveries and competing again at the highest level or whatever comes next for each of them.
  9. Brisbane’s 2032 win to reshape high-performance sport - July 25, 2021 - Financial Review
  10. Almost 50,000 rooms secured for people who will 'deliver' Brisbane's 2032 Olympic Games - ABC News Australia - July 28, 2021
  11. 1000 per cent hike in Brisbane Google searches even before Olympics locked in - July 28, 2021 - Courier Mail
  12. Actually the poll i was looking at was this from Inside the Games in May which was not as high as the one you mentioned so a different one: “Poll suggests slight public support for potential Vancouver 2030 Winter Olympics - May 8, 2021 - Inside the Games “An independent poll has found public support for a potential Vancouver 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games stands at 55 per cent, rising to 77 per cent should public money not be required.” “The poll has been published by Insights West, a marketing research firm based in Western Canada. The online study was conducted from April 28 to 30, with a sample of 883 residents across British Columbia”. “Support viewed as higher in the City of Vancouver where 60 per cent of respondents are seen as supportive, compared to between 48 per cent and 57 per cent in other areas.”
  13. mate, you’re the biggest twat of all, coming on here, a Tokyo Olympics forum and sledging a champion and a highly popular person in the host country. Naomi Osaka has, like many around the world right now, has got internal battles, mental health challenges. Mental health illness has become the biggest outcome of this pandemic. I suggest you take a good look at your sick disgusting attitude and while you’re doing that, crawl back under the rock from which you came.
  14. In an era of diminishing availability of quality hosts, the IOC have shown in 2017 they will not hestitate to act decisively to lock in two high quality successive Hosts (Paris 2024 & LA 2028) rather than risk one of them dropping out 4 years down the road due to changing circumstances such as a slump in public support. Right now, we are still in that era for both the 2030 and 2034 Games. A unique situation re 2030/2034 is developing as we speak - Sapporo’s chances are fading fast from a catastrophic slump in support from the Japanese people, Vancouver 2.0 enjoys majority public support right now and SLC 2030 has a big sponsorship problem. What the IOC did in 2017 showed that in uncertain times, double awarding of Hosts is an important strategic option that the IOC now have up their sleeve to use when required for the continuity and survival of the Olympic Games. FIFA is another world sport governing body one who use it when required as well.
  15. Salt Lake City hosting 2030 Olympics is officially on the table - Salt Lake Tribune - July 25, 2021 “USOPC ‘poised and ready’ to discuss hosting the Winter Olympics again, chair Susanne Lyons said.”
  16. Gold Coast development: City’s skyline to dramatically change by 2032 - Gold Coast Bulletin - July 23, 2021 “It is July 23, 2032 and southeast Queensland is about to host the opening ceremony of the 35th Olympiad.” “Leading social researchers and demographers have painted a picture of the Gold Coast 11 years in the future as a “gleaming cosmopolitan city” that will have blossomed dramatically.”
  17. Olympics host city Tokyo bans spectators amid COVID-19 emergency - Reuters - July 9, 2021 Spectators banned from Tokyo Olympics - CBC - July 10, 2021 Reversing course, Japan will ban all spectators from Olympic venues in and around Tokyo - Washington Post - July 8, 2021 Spectators banned from Tokyo Olympics - Youtube video - CBC News - July 9, 2021
  18. Businesses urge early insight into historic 4000-day Games project pipeline - Brisbane Times - July 22, 2021 Queensland’s peak business body is calling for improved tender processes and swift clarity on what projects are in the pipeline ahead of the 2032 Olympics in the south-east, to allow the much-touted potential benefits of the Games to be fully realised.
  19. Gabbing on about illegal stadiums ? wtf? This is not conspiracy theory central. Seruously, what on earth are you are you on mate? You’ve been smoking it too much whatever it is and you need to get some sleep. Tickets puchased for Tokyo 2020 will be refunded due to the spectator ban.
  20. You are in the wrong thread. This is Tokyo 2020. Go here: You are in the wrong thread.
  21. sounds like you’re angry with the government there
  22. Mate, you’re living in a parrallel universe. Everyone knows the spectators are banned from the Tokyo Olympics. The decision was taken by the Japanese Government before the Olympics started. Sorry buddy, but you must surely be the only person on planet who does not know that.
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