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  1. Agree. “Metro” is widely associated with turn up and go trains across many cities worldwide including Sydney as you said and Melbourne, plus many others.
  2. The throwback in time had feels of Athens 2004
  3. Didn’t know the Olympic Council of Asia had it’s own hymn for their flag raising.
  4. Thanks so much @Ikarus360, watching it now. Wow, it’s on an Olympic scale.
  5. This was the placement of the Brisbane Metro station - Brisbane Times - 15 Nov 2022 However, since that report there is some discussion on skyscrapercity.com about possible realignment plans for the Brisbane Metro Station and busway being moved to an underground location adjacent to the new Gabba underground train station. ——————————- The Brisbane Metro electric buses: 24 metres long 180 passengers visually resemble a tram or light rail vehicle have been dubbed the “Tesla of public transport” they already operate in a dozen European cities carrying 3 million passengers daily Credit: Hess-ag.ch
  6. More money offered in the Ansett sposnsorehip deal I suspect. I think for the 2032 Games, Qantas can be expected to bid again to be the official airline.
  7. It’s on. New Gabba Stadium: Woolloongabba gets go-ahead for city-changing makeover State Legislation Passes for Priority Development Area (PDA) It will let the Queensland government this year put to tender the design of the new Gabba so that a proponent can be chosen and construction begin when Gabba Cross River Rail finishes in 2026. “Place of Whirling Waters” Woolloongabba, which First Australians described as a place of whirling waters to resolve disputes, will become Brisbane’s second gateway after state government legislation passed on Friday. Formally, Queensland’s Planning Minister and Deputy Premier Steven Miles approved the Woolloongabba Cross River Rail Priority Development Area covering 106 hectares between South Bank and Woolloongabba. In practical terms, this lays out the land use including: the underground train station, new school, new busway, new sports ground, affordable housing, pedestrian walkway connecting the Gabba to South Bank Parklands. It also formalises three-year-old promises by the Queensland government that 50 per cent of the site between the new Gabba train station and the new Gabba sports will be green space. It includes the new Brisbane Metro bus station at the Gabba, new open space at the Gabba and the potential for walks towards South Bank Parklands, which itself is being redesigned as part of green spine connecting to Roma Street Parklands. What does it mean? The new Priority Development Area enlarges the sections of Woolloongabba where the Queensland government will have the ability to masterplan before the 2032 Games. It will let the Queensland government this year put to tender the design of the new Gabba so that a proponent can be chosen and construction begin when Gabba Cross River Rail finishes in 2026. What happens now at the Gabba? An interim land-use plan for the Gabba is in place for the next 12 months. The Queensland government will put the design of the Gabba sports ground out for tender and decide exactly where to place the new Metro busway at the Gabba with Brisbane City Council. Education Queensland and East Brisbane State School will continue negotiations to move students to a new school being built on Coorparoo Secondary College grounds. Public consultation begins from April 2024 to allowing different views to be considered before a final Priority Development Area land use plan for Woolloongabba is finalised around September 2024. Credit: Brisbane Times - 22 Sep 2023
  8. 30 years ago …. When Sydney were big winners in Monte Carlo Thirty years ago this week, Sydney was chosen as host city for the Olympic Games in 2000, the last Australian city before Brisbane to be selected to stage the biggest sporting event in the world. Yet the whole election race in 1993 was very different to the "coronation" of Brisbane as hosts for 2032, announced two years ago in Tokyo. In the early 1990s, International Olympic Committee (IOC) members were permitted to make extended visits to candidate cities. Hospitality offered during visits was said to be lavish in the days before the revelations of the largesse offered by Salt Lake City in its bid for the 2002 Winter Olympics, prompted a ban on visits to prospective cities by all but official IOC Evaluation Commissions. continued at: When Sydney were big winners in Monte Carlo - Fri 22 Sep 2023
  9. Internationalal broadcast details of the Opening Ceremony From Olympics.com: To watch the 2022 Asian Games held in 2023, you can tune into the various TV broadcasters and on-demand streaming provided by the broadcasters. The list includes: CCTV in China TBS in Japan Sony LIV (Sony Sports Network) in India MediaCorp Channel 5 and mewatch.sg in Singapore MNCTV, RCTI, iNews TV, and Vision+ in Indonesia KBS, MBC, SBS, and TV Chosun in the Republic of Korea RTM and Astro in Malaysia
  10. Yes it’s a worry. The French have plans to include the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (in which La Sambuy is located. Bur perhaps this resort is not as high in altitude as the snow fields the bid team are planning to use for the Games?
  11. We need to get Roy and HG on to this, they’ll make Barry a star!
  12. Yes it’s sad that the East Brisbane State School literally right next to the Gabba cannot stay where it currently is. I sincerely hope that the school can be moved brick-by-brick and preserving the building in another location that is accessble by the students. My understanding is that the warm-track at Raymond Park will return to it’s original parkland state after the Games. It’s not a permanent change is how I’ve read it.
  13. Fair enough @Sir Rols When the Future Host Commission wrote in their 2032 Targeted Dialogue Report to “consider using Carrara for athletics”, the Queensland Government have indeed considered this option and decided, “yeah …Nah.” .….and considering the Gabba has for all intents and purposes already reached the end of it’s useful life and legacy tenants AFL and Cricket and their thousands of fans need a more accessible, inclusive home. Re the Gabba rebuild, this nonsense senate inquiry is literally going around in circles wasting money treading the same exploratory path and rabbit holes that the Brisbane organisers and the Queensland Government have already been down 2years ago. Unless the senate inquiry politicians are magicians too, they will not come up with any other conclusion than the current Gabba was poorly designed to start with and is now a dog of a stadium with lots of expensive problems. The Gabba has inherent electrical power issues which at times is not coping with AFL or Cricket let alone an Olympics, no spectator lifts, escalators, no female changerooms, field of play needs to be widened to fit an athletics track which will take out more seats, etc. The Gabba rebuild will remove all these problems and deliver to Brisbane and South East Queensland a modern accessible bigger stadium suitable for the legacy tenants of AFL and Cricket for decades to come woth an increased capacity of 50,000 It is a New Norm decision because if all these factors and the Stadium is not being built for the Olympics, its being built for legacy tenants of AFL and Cricket. This is entirely within New Norm as has been mentioned by another member here. Ifa new Olympic specific Stadium was to be built elsewhere for Brisbane 2032 then it could easily fill a 100,000 stadium as Sydney 2000 did. But Brissie is not doing that. It is instead firmly focussed on a delivering a new 50,000 connected, accessible, modern stadium in central Brisbane for AFL and Cricket.
  14. Where did you read that the AOC regard Carrara as a valid option? Matt Carroll, AOC CEO, is even siding with the Gabba option, despite his earlier naive comment that the Gabba “just needs a lick of paint”. If needs a whole lot more than a “lick of paint” and he seems to have since realised how ill-informed his comment was. Just last month Matt Carroll said: "it is a decision of Government to decide on the venue." (ITG - Aug 2023) Bussing thousands of people in and out of Carrara for twice a day for the Olympics and Paralympics athletics competition remains a logistical and PR nightmare.
  15. French ski resort closes permanently because there’s not enough snow CNN — Winter is coming. And for yet another ski resort in France, that means facing up to the reality that there isn’t enough snow to carry on. La Sambuy, a town which runs a family skiing destination near Mont Blanc in the French Alps, has decided to dismantle its ski lifts because global warming has shrunk its ski season to just a few weeks, meaning it’s no longer profitable to keep them open.
  16. The Queensland Government is fully funding the rebuild of the Gabba. So sitting over there in South Australia @Australian Kiwi, a long way from Queenskand, you don’t need to worry about it because you are not contributing to the rebuild whatsoever. And as far as your “magical engineer friends” go, pray tell exactly who these engineers are that you speak of? Your “engineer friends” really must have come from the Harry Potter school because they will need be magicians to miraculously and cheaply fix the ageing Gabba’s structural issues. 1. In the current old Gabba Stadium structure, how will your “engineer friends” remove several rows of seats to fit in an athletics track while magically increasing the capacity of the Gabba from 37,000 for AFL and 34,000 cricket?? The current Gabba dimensions do not fit an athletics track The current Gabba’s “capacity of 42,000” is misleading because the ground configurations accommodate only 37,000 for AFL and 34,000 for cricket. The Gabba rebuild will fit an athletics track and increase capacity to 50,000. 2. How will your “engineer magician friends” magically and cheaply install escalators and lifts in an existing structure to enable disabled and less mobile spectators, athletes, and officials get around the stadium?? Won’t tryng to add on and squeeze in escatators and lifts to an existing stadium structure be very expensive and also take out more rows of spectator seats thus futher reducing capacity? 3. How will your engineer magician friends magically find room to install female change rooms for female AFL, Cricket and Athletes There are currently in 2023 no female change rooms in this outdated Gabba stadium. 4. How will your engineer friends magically and cheaply fix the ageing electrical wiring problems at the existing Gabba to stop all the embarressing power failures? in March 2023, an AFL Match at a packed stadium was suddenly blacked out when the Gabba light towers failed in Dec 2021, a Gabba power failure stopped the international broadcast of the Gabba Test Cricket Match for 25 minutes on Day 4 in Jan 2019, a Big Bash Cricket Match at the Gabba was blacked out when the power failed. Gabba’s double power failure explained and why risk will continue - SMH - 12 Dec 2021: Risks of power failure inherent in the Gabba’s broadcast compound set-up are unlikely to be improved before the next Ashes series, as cricket authorities await more detail on plans for the stadium’s major upgrade to host the 2032 Olympic Games. Sources have told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that the Gabba is the only major stadium in Australian cricket where the mains power supply at the ground is not sufficient to fire up the vast array of broadcast trucks and devices needed to beam pictures around the world. The Gabba is due for a complete rebuild, that will also address the power supply, in time for Brisbane to host the 2032 Olympics. But major work is not expected to begin until around 2028 – after the next Ashes series is due to take place in Australia in 2025-26. Broadcast requirements for the Olympics far outstrip those for an Ashes Test match.
  17. No, it didn’t. Bus Chaos at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games opening in absolute chaos on 4 April 20218. Here’s a sample of the media reports and spectator experiences with some demanding their money back waiting in long queues for buses to and from the stadium: Commonwealth Games commuters demand money back after two-hour wait for buses - ABC News Australia - 4 April 2018 Commonwealth Games organisers have been criticised after thousands of people faced lengthy waits on their way to and from last night's opening ceremony at Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast. Some commuters were stranded at Broadbeach for up to two hours while waiting for shuttle buses to take them to the venue, while others waited hours for buses after the ceremony, some past midnight. Vicki and Wayne Graham said they were "pissed off" by the wait and the lack of communication. Commuter chaos before Games ceremony - Nine.com.au - 4 April 2018 At least a thousand frustrated people were stranded at a key Gold Coast interchange for up to two hours as demand for buses to Wednesday's ceremony at Carrara Stadium vastly outstripped supply. "We want the bus, we want the bus," the crowds of people chanted while others said the situation was "absolute garbage" and "terrible". Less than an hour before the ceremony was due to start, a substantial crowd stood in the rain at the Broadbeach South light rail stop. Bus Issues Leave Thousands Waiting Ahead of Commonwealth Games -ca.sports.yahoo.com - 5 April 2018 Bus delays left large crowds of people queuing for extended periods ahead of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony at Carrara Stadium, Queensland, on April 4. Reports said thousands were affected by the backlog with some people saying they waited for 90 minutes. Images posted online showed long queues. No train line anywhere near Carrara Stadium and none planned. *************************************** Hence the central choice of Brisbane’s rebuilt new Gabba Stadium with a stadium train station and the Brisbane electric Metro Bus interchange for AFL, Cricket crowds for decades to come. The 2032 Olympics will also benefit from this rebuilt bigger Gabba legacy stadium.
  18. With it’s own brand of mass people movement chaos at Carrara. With no train near the stadium and none planned, Can you imagine the absolute chaos and international embarrassment at Carrara of hundreds of buses trying to move thousands of people in and out of the stadium for two separate athletics sessions on each day of the Olympics? Did I say no train line near Carrara and none planned. The Brisbane Candidature team and the Queensland Government realised this 2.5 years ago and quickly stomped on Carrara for the Olympics. Yes. The new modern Gabba Stadium, connected by train and Brisbane Metro is needed for AFL and Cricket and the current poor excuse for a stadium needs to be put down.
  19. My Dad in the photo is my family obviously, but the only one who is. To everyone in the community my Dad, the Elder, was known as and respectfully called “Uncle ……” Uncle Jack in the centre is a famous Australian poet and playwright, but not related to me. To everyone in the community, he was known as Uncle Jack. The same goes for Uncle Charlie, who I am also not related to. That’s the way it is in Aboroginal culture in Australia today. Male Elders are respectfully called “Uncle ….” by everyone. Female Elders are respectfully called “Aunty ….” by everyone. Here is some info on Uncle Jack:
  20. You’ve got to be kidding me. Not doubting? That’s obviously exactly what you are doing. Doubting. It’s not unclear or ambiguous who my father is. I already graciously posted this precious photo revealing that this is my late father on the left in our family photo holding the phone in his hand. Dad passed in 1984 in Perth. And no, I am not about to reveal my own name nor my father’s name or anyone in my family. Are you going to reveal your name? I didn’t think so. I choose for my identity to remain private, like everyone else here on Gamesbids.com.
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