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  1. Yes Rob I saw her summarise the ceremony too. But I picked up most on what she said about....(possible spoiler) how it will be a very carbon neutral ceremony which may be very relevant later on. Is it possible there may be no actual flame at all in the cauldron?
  2. This may not be relavent, but Im British and as far as I can tell from people who ive been speaking to (who normally are not interested in sprts at all) they are genuinly looking forward to the paralympics!! Is this normal being the host country that people embrace the paralympics? Or are they really becoming more popular? From what ive read the paralympics were a huge success in Beijing, which is fantastic! But are they relly that bothered now? Also, in Britain the paralympics are being shown on channel 4 (not the BBC), who im sure will have great coverage ( I love their current billboards
  3. This is the first Ive heard of Heather Small a the closing ceremony. 'Proud' is the song that has reminded me of the London olympics for the past 7 years!!! So if they dont play this song I will be soooo disapointed, lol. It would be a real oportunity missed!
  4. I think the host nations flag should be raised and stand with the olympic flag, I see no problem with it! They have paid the most for the games, they have put the most hard work into them. They should be able to show off that this is their games, and they are the ones inviting the world to their country! To me its like saying 'welcome to our country!'. I dont understand why people would have any problem with it. OK at the moment I may be bias as im from the UK. But I would be perfectly happy to see (and I expect) the Brazil flag at ther opening ceremony and good on them, Im sure their country
  5. Ha ha, ive said this since I saw the Beijing ceremony. I mean how far can we really take it! My final word on the ceremony and the cauldron will be that, in my opinion, Underworld were the best decision made for this ceremony. The music for the whole ceremony was fanastic, not just the pop stuff but also the instrumental parts! Well done them.
  6. baron-pierrel, ive read your book which I enjoyed a lot! thanks. I completely agree with you that people are blowing this whole cauldron thing out of preportion! It is a beautiful cauldron, beautifully lit, with incredible music and technical genious. OK its not ideal that it cant be currently seen and not perfect that it had to be put out and re-lit. But lets face it, fire is fire lol. As long as it comes from the original flame, who cares!! Having read your book, you suprise me with your opinion on the London cauldron! I love it, but I would have thought you would be more picky!
  7. Ive watched the lighting a few times now, and I have to say I think its the most beautiful lighting of an olympic cauldron ever. The music is fantastic, not dramatic like normal, but beautiful. Barcelona was outstanding and will never be beat in my opinion and Sydney was stunning but had that glitch. London was just beautiful. As for its location in the stadium, ok its not ideal. But I really think people on here need to put it in perspective. Joe Blogs on the street really does not care if you can see it or not, people are now far more interested in the sport. Ive not heard it mentioned once
  8. Ah ok daveb81, thanks for that, I thought it looked something like that but you never know. OK I give up! im finally admitting defeat like lots of others here. Its probably in the stadium. lol. Just have to wait till almost this time tomorrow to find out then!
  9. Yeah, I wasnt sure if they were practicing or just making the stadium look nice, ha.
  10. Just been watching the BBC news, maybe clutching at straws now lol, but anyone know what this is behind the presenters head to the left? It was there the whole time, even when the camera moved so it isnt a reflection I dont think. It looks like a ferris wheel or something.
  11. AustralianFan, I have to agree with you. This means nothing yet. People are talking like this is the firm evidence we have been looking for and leaving the thread. This could still be rumours, no matter how reputable that website is (and I dont know if it is or not). Untill I see an actual cauldron I am scepticle of any news like this. I may have to wait till Friday night for that!
  12. Thanks for the cap, so does anyone know if this gap has always been there? Why would there be a gap like this?
  13. Just been watching the one show, they revealed the BBC olympic coverage studio which seemed to have a better view of this part of the stadium than the BBC news studio. It looked like there was a large gap in the wrap directly in front of this new structure. Has anyone else noticed this? When the one show comes on BBC iplayer I will try to cap it and post a pic if I can later.
  14. Just been watching the BBC news which has started coming from their studios in the olympic park from today. The stadium is behind and I have to say I looked carefully but could not see anything at all cauldron related! All looked exactly the same. Dont know if it would be from the right angle though, the Orbit is directly between the stadium and the studios so may be the wrong angle to see anything anyway.
  15. LOCOG HAS WON. They've kept the secret. Ive been following this forum for months, not posted much but I have to admit with this statement. Even if we find out tomorrow what the cauldron looks like and where it is, I have to admit LOCOG have done very well in keeping it a secret for this long!!! Its now got to the point where, even though Ive been on here for months trying to get a glimpse of the cauldron and its location, I really hope the secret is kept unitl the night of the opening ceremony! OK this is unlikely but it would be so cool if they kept it a secret, even from us losers on these
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