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  1. #yummy @ FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Cafe / Smallcakes Cupcakes http://t.co/ca8tS55HC7

  2. RT @washingtonpost: Voyager 1 just left the solar system using less computing power than your iPhone http://t.co/1wSd5Djacl

  3. RT @CBSNews: J.K. Rowling to pen new Harry Potter-inspired film http://t.co/qbJf7IW5KC

  4. ???????? @ Miami International University Of Art & Design http://t.co/fLvuyy488G

  5. So 1WTC (aka Freedom Tower) is now officially the tallest building in New York City surpassing the Empire States Building :D. Finally!

  6. Titanic II ... learn from their mistake --> http://t.co/maJJJJOc vía @TwitPic

  7. Just posted a photo @ Blissberry http://t.co/R80McRzX

  8. Check out Catching Fire: The Second Book of the Hunger Games on Google Play! https://t.co/NpKkzgn5 im so buying this book :D

  9. This coins are really old, I didn't know I had them! http://t.co/o4uX6qLY

  10. played the song 'Young Wild & Free - Wiz Khalifa' by New Songs on @myspace http://t.co/4ab3xzPJ

  11. Haha I can't believe they make her wear that weird dress at Wendy's @ Wendy's http://t.co/RbrD7NBi

  12. Break time.. @ Miami International University of Art & Design http://t.co/9UzM0FlL

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