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  1. Omg I'm gonna get drunk with this #crêpe made with #rum ???????????? #argentinecrepe @ Manolo http://t.co/mBD9RNEKf9

  2. 1:20 am??? I thought it was 2::20Am!! No one told me about the new time!

  3. Finally at home. But with a headache :( @ Fontainebleau http://t.co/aapWWq0VJZ

  4. My little #story in the making. ???? @ Miami International University Of Art & Design http://t.co/EHUtVINnfv

  5. If no one bids, then Los Angeles would probably hosts it.
  6. I #love this #class ???? @ Miami International University Of Art & Design http://t.co/B0fyXtLCyX

  7. It's nice out there. #miu #miami #school #class @ Broadcast Graphics class http://t.co/9BQpq3CkJ1

  8. We all know how expensive tv rights are in the US. Other than Brazil, I don't see any other major TV network from other country paying more than the US.
  9. Practice for New York? Really? New York doesn't need the Pan Am or any big city like Los Angeles or Chicago.
  10. The US still paid FIFA for tv rights most $$ than any other country. By the way, Telemundo paid (+$610 million) more than Fox (+$400 million).
  11. Of course!! As we are talking about Los Angeles... I don't know what to think now. I know Los Angeles is ready to host the Olympics, but, would that be enough, to get enough votes from the IOC members?? I think a NYC bid would be more appealing to them or even Washington! than Los Angeles. If Los Angeles end up as the bid city representing the United States, then I just hope they do a really good job...
  12. As mentioned above. The Pan Am are totally irrelevant!!! Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games twice. That's more than enough for experience..
  13. So I'm guessing Los Angeles will probably win the right to represent the United States in the 2024 Olympic bids..
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