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  1. We all know how expensive tv rights are in the US. Other than Brazil, I don't see any other major TV network from other country paying more than the US.
  2. The US still paid FIFA for tv rights most $$ than any other country. By the way, Telemundo paid (+$610 million) more than Fox (+$400 million).
  3. Let's see how it goes. (@ Cobb Theatre Dolphin 19 & IMAX - @cobbtheatres for Gravity: An IMAX 3D Experience) http://t.co/wjK0ftaNxI

  4. I'm having a déjà vú. A weird one.

  5. This doesn't look good... @ Florida International University http://t.co/sbbhw8lSli

  6. Welcome to my #Miami.... Where streets become rivers xD. #storm #flooded #rainy @ Fontainebleau Milton http://t.co/ZPVn152h81

  7. I just ran 1.14 mi @ a 9'58"/mi pace with Nike+. http://t.co/yQv3yUG1Cv #nikeplus

  8. Gym time (@ Fontainebleau Gym) [pic]: http://t.co/YENRNMRRVP

  9. My chest is burning :P (@ Fontainebleau Gym) http://t.co/2qmUfLDzqF

  10. Good!! Cuz it's too slow.

  11. Finally updated ????#iOS7 @ Fontainebleau Milton http://t.co/3Ss8gugm0w

  12. For iPhone 4S users [like me] is like getting a new phone with the new #iOS7 xD

  13. “@britmascucchini: People are really arguing when iOS 7 comes out acting like its the 2nd coming of Jesus calm down” that's basically it..

  14. Free #massages. Gotta love my school ???? @ Miami International University Of Art & Design http://t.co/lY450MnZxD

  15. #yummy @ FreshBerry Frozen Yogurt Cafe / Smallcakes Cupcakes http://t.co/ca8tS55HC7

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