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  1. I feel #drained today. ???????? #sleepy @ Fontainebleau Milton http://t.co/gUjXpzL9Jf

  2. Eating #babycarrots. Thank you olia_lo give me more next time. ????, they were good. ???? @ 7th Street… http://t.co/8MqK7xhsbn

  3. Our #beautiful view at #school #library ????????. It makes me want to study but Nevermind ????. @ MIU Library http://t.co/jBPs533gOC

  4. #roafbeef sandwich. ????????. By myself. Yay I can cook. @ Fontainebleau http://t.co/7dHUVUdzC1

  5. Finally there was no traffic to South Beach, thanks to the boat show in downtown. ????

  6. In North America i'd say; NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, DC and Denver for Summer Olympics. For Winter Olympics... Seattle, Denvre, Anchorage, Boston, Reno, Anchorage.
  7. The weather in #miami is perfect today. 55° F. ???? @ Fontainebleau Milton http://t.co/X5H1j9N1CA

  8. I feel like a Zombie. ????????

  9. San Diego would be cute. But it's just too small.
  10. As usual. When im getting closer, there's #traffic @ South Beach @ 7th St. http://t.co/QIjasV48iO

    1. paul


      why is your shirt off...and who cares about miami.

  11. “@IIsaabellaaaa: Why is it sooo hot” i know. It's hot out here too.

  12. earthquake in PR, that's close to Miami :S

  13. #GoldenGlobes for movie of the year not for #Gravity :(

  14. Thanks God my company pays my parking. ????????????. That's too expensive for just 7 hours. @ 5th Street and… http://t.co/BcFGmn0G21

  15. Warm place to have #dinner ???? @ The Place Restaurant http://t.co/XUuHqFyxNr

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