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  1. No, is not that i did not like it. It's the fact that i found Atlanta just like meh, boring and not very appealing to an international audience. And the fact that some members would probably think it would be too soon for the United States, so why selecting a city that could lead to another lost?? If they can bid with another city with a better image?? Im sure Dallas is very capable of hosting it.

  2. Sion, Switzerland? Also, I didn't say Salt Lake shouldn't of got 2002, my point is, 6 year gap is unfair.

    Well, the US is the only capable country that could do that.... maybe Canada but it's just too small compared to the United States (by population)... now probably China..

  3. are they for real?? In that article they mention the following cities are interested... lol

    "Other cities considering a 2024 Summer Games bid are Atlanta, Boston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle, the Washington Business Journal reports. "

  4. also narrative wise, LA has a better chance than other US cities.a lot has change in the city since 1984. besides the third time hosting the Olympic story, hollywood and silicon valley might play into the bid. i see this as a bid not of LA but the state of California. full of beautiful contradictions and rich diversity.

    SD can have the sailing competition

    I love that idea of San Diego having the Sailing Competition :D

  5. Do we know that for sure? I haven't seen a lot of figures from other countries. Also, keep in mind.. that's the total Telemundo and Fox paid for BOTH the 2018 and 2022 World Cups (not to mention the 2015 and 2019 Women's World Cup as well). So divide that in half to get what they're paying for 2022.

    We all know how expensive tv rights are in the US. Other than Brazil, I don't see any other major TV network from other country paying more than the US.

  6. I can't speak to the situation in other countries, but I can assure you that if the World Cup moves to November-December, it is going to get buried in this country behind the the NFL. And Fox will do their best to either wiggle their way out of that contract and/or perhaps even try and get out of it entirely. I know US television rights aren't as big to FIFA as they are to the IOC, but it's still a big investment that Fox would be getting screwed on, so they have a right to be pissed. Whether or not FIFA compensates them remains to be determined.

    The US still paid FIFA for tv rights most $$ than any other country. By the way, Telemundo paid (+$610 million) more than Fox (+$400 million).

  7. Irrelevant to LA yes, but for other cities it might provide a slight boost.

    Of course!! As we are talking about Los Angeles... I don't know what to think now. I know Los Angeles is ready to host the Olympics, but, would that be enough, to get enough votes from the IOC members?? I think a NYC bid would be more appealing to them or even Washington! than Los Angeles. If Los Angeles end up as the bid city representing the United States, then I just hope they do a really good job...

  8. They should go for LA 2032, after hosting the Pan Am in LA in 2023. It just makes most sense, if we ignore any threat from Toronto.

    As mentioned above. The Pan Am are totally irrelevant!!! Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games twice. That's more than enough for experience..

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