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  1. So it seems this race would be between the United States and maybe a city from South Africa or Berlin
  2. No, is not that i did not like it. It's the fact that i found Atlanta just like meh, boring and not very appealing to an international audience. And the fact that some members would probably think it would be too soon for the United States, so why selecting a city that could lead to another lost?? If they can bid with another city with a better image?? Im sure Dallas is very capable of hosting it.
  3. Dallas gives me that feeling of Atlanta too, and I think the USOC doesn't want that.
  4. I'd like DC as the host city. IT would be different and amazing im sure, and the city is just beautiful.
  5. He said the same thing from the United States lol
  6. Well, the US is the only capable country that could do that.... maybe Canada but it's just too small compared to the United States (by population)... now probably China..
  7. Well, we haven't heard anything about Dallas, Boston and Philadelphia either.. only about Los Angeles and San Diego.
  8. I think LA, DC and Dallas would be the top 3..
  9. are they for real?? In that article they mention the following cities are interested... lol "Other cities considering a 2024 Summer Games bid are Atlanta, Boston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle, the Washington Business Journal reports. "
  10. I love that idea of San Diego having the Sailing Competition
  11. Feeling sleepy and bored at school. ???? @ Miami International University Of Art & Design http://t.co/eUGME5NR22

  12. I can't keep my eyes open. This class it's so boring ????????

  13. :P @ Miami International University Of Art & Design http://t.co/IwDiEAKb4b

  14. For 5 hours.... @ South Beach - Collins and 3rd http://t.co/3JCAat6pXW

    1. paul


      so what, this is the hell of twitter.

  15. Today's parking rate is $40 wtf.

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