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  1. Probably was a joke. I mean slopes in neighboring Finland would NOT have fulfilled the demands.
  2. Toronto has a very nice skyline but the Olympic Games aren't won on pretty skylines.
  3. Don't you think U know that. But if they are all going to deliver the Games' end right, therefore, really, the only difference is who can present the BEST ceremonies...and Japan, because of their more Asian culture, will of course, present the more boring shows. It's what separates the chaff from the grain---that's all I'm saying.
  4. /\/\ God, it's worse than I remember it. 2020 CANNOT go to Tokyo again. Those will be the most boring ceremonies in ages.
  5. Hamburg waterfront plan = Toronto waterfront plan = cancel each other out.
  6. Looking at what's there, it's really a Degreening of the Londno area." The show will open with that pastoral scene; and then after hours gamboling and maypole dancing and f*cking the cows, many grass swards will come out and then a frenetic, kinetic London will open up. Uhmmm. Am not liking the idea. A little too cliche. But will fairies come down from the Glastonbury Tor to spread their pixie dust to bring in to uncover another layer of the story???
  7. This whole discussion gets exponenetially more psychotic each year. And we thought Taichi and his wait for the digital countdown clocks was truly bonkers. Wait till discussion gets to Sochi and if we get a few Russians in here; it will be complete bedlam!
  8. So at this stage, the Opening Ceremony is based on those Paris Metro maps outside the Metro stations which light up when you want to find your destination. The idea is further refined by the Melbourne 2006 Opening ceremony which also flashed the map of Melbourne as its layout; and cast members were everyday citizens of Melbourne. So Danny Boyle has lied again. It's more like Melbourne 2006 rather than Sydney 2000.
  9. Gosh, first the design on the tickets. What has that led to? Nothing so far. Then the contours of the fake Tor and the fake tree. Now this little bridge. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Why 2 me, under acid, it looks like the Bridge on the River Kwai?!?! What's next? Too many conspiracy theories me thinks. I think it's hiding in Big Ben, and on July 21, Big Ben will open up and the cauldron/tower will emerge for its journey to Olympic Park!! In 8 days before July 27, they can plant the cauldron tower, secure it, test it a few times; and then conduct a rehearsal or two. If nothing is up by July 25, then I would worry. What about this photo? Maybe it's that tower to the right? So will all those streets of London light up? So therefore, you can't have too many performers there covering the LED light show? They're not revealing things in a logical way here, are they?
  10. Actually, Atlanta was first. The area where Centennial Park arose was also a blighted neighborhood of rundown, small indsutrial repair shops, etc. The area was opposite ACOG's Inforum offices. I noticed that on my first trip to ACOG in late November 1993. And then voila, come mid-1996, the ramshackle neighborhood was gone, and in its place was this spanking, sparkling new park with a few bits of Olympic Centennila imagery. Of course, the Parklands area is bigger, but same thing.
  11. Agreed. And it will end up where the known gas lines are...not unless some other secret gas lines have been added. I think the cauldron might still be under wraps at the 3 Mills Studios. It'll probably take 48 hours to shove it into the hole on the north side; and a testing a day or two before July 27.
  12. They will. LOCOG will not exist a year from now. If you have a 15-foot costume, it's more a matter of where do you keep it?
  13. Nah! I think some "Druids' will come ouf of that uprooted tree; and they will be sending a few of those zorbs down that zig-zag contour of the hill!
  14. God, is that the same tree from Athens? So, we have the bell idea from Berlin (and lately Warsaw), the giant beds from "Carry on, Nurse;", the tree from Athens. What next? Oh I know, there's Maypole dancing around those 4 (the rose, the thistle, the lilac thing)....Maypoles!! I think the Thames silhouette will be a giant LED screen a la Beijing. I know the giant beds and bedsheets will be used for projections.
  15. Don't answer that, kinetic! It's a trick question. Keep your cover.
  16. Oh Jeesuz, no one's going to know. Those Confidentiality Agmts are so silly. I mean Boyle is already revealing so much. How come only they CAN reveal things? Basic rule in life: agmts are made to be broken. They're getting free sweat from you. U're entitled to exercise your freedom of speech! C'mon, spill one for the Gipper!
  17. Is there anything from/like the "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" era? The Green & Pleasant Land idea is quite intriguing. I think this segment might be like a pastoral morning coming to life. (So, the ringing of the bell wakes up the little community? And then later, "crop circle" recreations? Which sheaf of grain will you be, Adrian? Are you going to be under the watering cloud? Do drop us tantalizing hints, A.
  18. Just catching up on this thread since I was gone for 2 weeks, and typing with a Turkish-alphabet keyboard was particularly challenging. Was in Turkey when Danny Boy unveiled his British landscape for the Opening. A tech rehearsal would be concentrating on transitions and getting the lighting, the special effects, etc. all together--without concentrating too much on the individual performances. A 'dress rehearsal' would be the complete thing (or at least with subs for the Parade of Nations and with or without the Lighting of the cauldron.
  19. And that bit above/\/\/\ is just one of the many "secrets" that can be found and revealed in www.secretolympiceremony.com Reply to AthensFan: Nothing. That's a risk they take. How do you collect cameras from 75,000 people and then try to return them afterwards? You would be sorting our cameras to the rightful owners until the cows come home.
  20. Well, one of the reasons for the final dress rehearsal is to have a back-up tape in case anything should go wrong technically on the actual Opening night. So how can you have flashbulbs going off on "live" coverage, and then, all of a sudden--if they have to pull the back-up tape, nothing there? It would look very fake. So, photography of course will be allowed during the dress rehearsals. The thing is, some of the major surprises like the Lighting of the cauldron (or other major surprises) may NOT or WILL not be shown or performed during the dress rehearsals. Otherwise, you need a fresh audience to test and tweak your show and you need those bodies for the final audio balance test.
  21. Nice idea but that's very much an eastern/Asian festival practice. In China, Japan and Taiwan they have those 'releasing the souls' lantern festivals exactly as you describe. However, I think the London Fire Marshall is going to get plenty nervous with so many flames floating around.
  22. Exactly. And if people won't have jobs, say 6 years down the road -- then aside from foreign sales (which are what almost 25% of Oly ticket sales), the remaining 75% would be very undersold.
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