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  1. Norway's too soon. Germany's a maybe and if the Swiss can get their act together this time. Barcelona? Would be like a Munich too, but Jaca's too far away, and they're a very weak winter sports nation.
  2. It might have to do with Bubka seeking the IAAF presidency and still being a strong player in the IOC. And this may also play against Bach's known ambitions for the IOC presidency but keeping a 2nd Munich bid on the backburner. Bubka must know something in the backroom that outsiders don't.
  3. maybe it's a warm-up run for 2026 and beyond?
  4. People learn and behave. The UK had theroughest, most ill-mannered football fans in the world in the 80s and 90s, always wreaking havoc wherever they visited. Yet, who hosted 2012??
  5. Probably was a joke. I mean slopes in neighboring Finland would NOT have fulfilled the demands.
  6. Hey Thrillos, good to see u back. Wonder what happened 2 u. Altho, of course, u do realize that the vastly reduced commission structure for the USOC would go into effect at that time; so any big revenues from the US TV contract would not be as large as it would've been pre-May 2012 agmt w/ the IOC.
  7. I had an idea like that many, many years ago when I was promoting something called "The World Games" (even before I knew that that existed). And indeed I had one plan to have all the aquatic sports based permanently in Disney World. And that was something not under the IOC aegis. Again, like many of the 'weird trial balloons" being hoisted here, it may look nice & good in b&w print, but in reality is unfeasible. The problem with keeping an Olympics or anything like that in a Disney Park is anything like that would have to be called Disney something or another. And no way is that g
  8. Of course, it's on a wait-and-see. #1 - R there any cities suitable and hot enuf under the collar to finance and spend a $75 million campaign for 2024 w/o any assurance of winning? #2 - Who will the other 2024 cities be? #3 - What will the geopolitical landscape for 2017 be?
  9. OK, just read up a little on Missoula. Some thoughts: 1. It has promise but it must grow to at least 200,000 in the coming years. 2. It must develop a skiing industry and maybe get the cache of a Jackson Hole or Gstaad. People like to think of skiing as a "glamorous sport." And perhaps, if this sport were developed on the Missoula slopes, it might provide the catalyst for a future bid. 3. If anybody in Missoula is serious about becoming a future Olympic city, it must get on the circuit of the international winter sports...so that it gets the right notice from these circles that will
  10. Missoula vs. a Gstaad or vs. an Annecy? I mean does Missoula even have a semi-developed 800-m drop? Does it even have a 250,000-base-population for its metro area to be the anchor of the whole bid? It's NOT just a matter of plopping a new name -- oh, these guys here on GB didn't think of this one before -- and dropping it into the mix. There's a reason all these new entries are being disregarded. It's because they just DON'T pass muster.
  11. Let's see...what far-out name can I throw in here...not already suggested by Pyro that's both laughable and credible?? Bakersfield, CA? Paducah, Tennessee? Des Moines, Iowa? I know the river in Des Moines rises when it rains, so that'll take care of a rowing course and maybe all the aqua needs of a Des Moines Games. Let's see...what else...
  12. well, y didn't ya clarify it then?
  13. I don't think it even went into the detailed renderings phase. At that time, it was just listing existing facilities and maybe a rough b&w rendering or two. As I said, it didn't go anywhere as near as the final stages of the 2005 bid did. I have some clippings of the 1977 NYT reports but I;m too lazy to dig them up right now.
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