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  1. Watched & listened to Bill Clinton's speech last night. WOW with a double W!!
  2. Or, and I don't know how the Germanic-speaking Swiss would take it, since the IOC is also headquartered in Suisse, then maybe the ceremonial announcements could just be limited to French & English? That is an alternative.
  3. Norway's too soon. Germany's a maybe and if the Swiss can get their act together this time. Barcelona? Would be like a Munich too, but Jaca's too far away, and they're a very weak winter sports nation.
  4. It might have to do with Bubka seeking the IAAF presidency and still being a strong player in the IOC. And this may also play against Bach's known ambitions for the IOC presidency but keeping a 2nd Munich bid on the backburner. Bubka must know something in the backroom that outsiders don't.
  5. Further: 1. The Supreme Council for Sport in Africa which conducts the All-Africa Games conducts its affairs in English and French (like the IOC). 2. The universal languages of English and French (yes, they are colonial languages...but that's the way it is) serve as unifiers rather than as dividers which the use of 'tribal' dialects do. The 2 languages bind everyone together...rather then enforcing regional or local loyalties where, i.e., I am a Tutsi, you are a Hutu, s/he is a Zulu...or whatever). 3. At the recent 2010 World Cup, I believe they only used English and Afrikaans -- not
  6. maybe it's a warm-up run for 2026 and beyond?
  7. Yeah, like at the UN they should conduct everything in at least 150 languages, including languages of people less than 8,000 individuals. Going back to your oh-so-PC RSA argument, the sports contested are codified and conducted in English and French. Thus, commands and terms are in those 2 languages. It is NOT out of disrespect for the other 'tribal' lanugages, it is just that they belong to different spheres. Would you sit thru a dozen translations of whatever the announcement is? Won't even explain to you the gridlock and enormous expense they have over at the EU's headquarters in E
  8. Spain, Norway, CHina. . It's a GLOBAL EVENT, not a TRIBAL, LOCAL event. Duh!!
  9. Of course not. That would be ridiculous. They'd have to trim it down to English (which I'm sure most of So. Africa understands), French and Afrikaans because those would be the most international. The rest are really just tribal languages (even tho all included as the nation's Official Languages -- but are of no consequence outside of South/southern Africa).
  10. But it is the official language(s) of the HOST nation that are normally used. So going by accepted protocol, it would be the 4 + English. In Barcelona, with Spanish and Catalan, it became redundant. English and Esperanto (the Latin-based one) should do the job.
  11. People learn and behave. The UK had theroughest, most ill-mannered football fans in the world in the 80s and 90s, always wreaking havoc wherever they visited. Yet, who hosted 2012??
  12. Also, you have to factor in meetings, receptions that the IOC members in their various, other capacities, have to attend. So it must be a layout which makes it easy for the IOC members to travel around, show their faces & discharge their IOC duties during the event-packed 17 days, amidst the 225,000 gawkers, spectators and workers going to the events, and the local populace who also have to get to work. Ideally, a city with grand avenues and a far-reaching transit system is ideal. One of the major reasons people forget that Atlanta had over Athens in their runoff in 1990 is that Atla
  13. OK, let me melt it down for you: the venues must be easily accessible to the IOC members so that they could probably do two venues a day. They have to show up not only to enjoy the sports, but as you probably saw recently, to award the medals. So, if you have an IOC member going to one venue at 10am...then that final session finishes at 1:30pm & same IOC member wants or needs to be at another venue at 2:30. But if the 2 venues are 3 hours away from each other...as it seems possible with this regional Loire valley plan, then automatically the plan does NOT work because the venues are p
  14. Who wants to make a study of recent Olympic host cities (and the also-rans), their areas, which venues were w/in city limits, etc.? Travel times between the OV, downtown and the major venues? I don't.
  15. I don't think there's a specific answer. And again, it depends on the mix of cities bidding. You could have them as large as Houston with 656 sq.mi. or San Francisco, under 44 sq,mi, and where should the venues be placed? What is an average-sized city?? Ideally, the main Olympic Stadium and a few of the major sports (like Gymnastics, Swimming) should be centrally located or accessible; plus a few of the box sports (taekwondo, badminton, table tennis, fencing, wrestling, judo) which go into a convention center normally. More important than the actual placement w/in or w/out the defined c
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