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  1. "Pain is weakness leaving your body" ...just a little motivation for everyone.

  2. Nice, Germany was a big succes so if Canada has even bigger attendences, the 2019 host is gonna have a very hard work. I have a friend in Montreal, I wish I can attend.
  3. Canada has everything to make this the best event ever, qualifiers will start soon. And who knows this may push a Canadian bid for 2026.
  4. Barcelona games were the best ever! A good price will be giving them the 2020 ones in Madrid, plus Spain is pioneering country in sports
  5. I'm sure Toronto will organize the best Pan Ams ever! But i think they need to hurry with some venues planing.
  6. Hola! Soy nueva en games bids :) Hi! I'm new here, i'm from Ecuador.

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