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  1. "Pain is weakness leaving your body" ...just a little motivation for everyone.

  2. Pope Francis is going to make a fantastic job, he must visit Latin America soon, you don't see a Spanish native speaker Pope all days.
  3. Nice, Germany was a big succes so if Canada has even bigger attendences, the 2019 host is gonna have a very hard work. I have a friend in Montreal, I wish I can attend.
  4. Rio was not the best techinal bid, but they printed the feeling right in the moment and we all now what happened, almost all of the votes of Chicago a Tokyo ended for them. But the things you have pointed out are pretty reasonable , however it is very hard to review them one per one.
  5. Canada has everything to make this the best event ever, qualifiers will start soon. And who knows this may push a Canadian bid for 2026.
  6. It looks like if the Power Index only evaluates accomodation and venue plans, where Madrid is way better than Istanbul, and not the "momentum" where Istanbul is better, Tokyo stands strong in both cases
  7. Doha will not face economical concerns, plus the Middle East is growing really fast, I totally want Doha hosting the olympics
  8. Barcelona games were the best ever! A good price will be giving them the 2020 ones in Madrid, plus Spain is pioneering country in sports
  9. Belive it or not, this situations boosts Doha and Baku, if Istanul is weeker then the underdogs will be stronger. Simple mathemathics
  10. it won't harm a lot on a hypotetitc Paris 2024 bid, the mayor is always the determinant person, not the president. It will be so nice if Paris host 2024 Olympic Games
  11. I'm sure Toronto will organize the best Pan Ams ever! But i think they need to hurry with some venues planing.
  12. Hola! Soy nueva en games bids :) Hi! I'm new here, i'm from Ecuador.

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