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  1. Very solid application file. Love the layout and the fact that this bid has huge public support in Poland. As a citizen of Oslo I of course want the games to take place in Norway, but as a half pole (my mother is polish) I really hope that Krakow takes this if Oslo backs out from the race..
  2. Love the colour combination of the logo, very traditional
  3. Krakow´s application file will be available on http://krakow2022.org/pl for the general public in one week time on monday 24. march Bonus: Explanation of Krakow 2022s logo: The centre (yellow square): Krakow´s old town market square Rest of the logo: Parzenica, old ident and symbol of the polish highlanders (folklore)
  4. Or they simply scrap Ullevål and go for Bjerke Stadium with a temporary solution instead.
  5. Wisla Stadium: Venue for the opening and closing cermonies. Current capacity: 33 300 spectators And for the cauldron... (Wawel Dragon)
  6. Planned cross-country and biathlon tracks in Zakopane
  7. Gratulacje, Kamil Stoch zdeklasowal konkurentow!
  8. Folk dances are fun, but I would prefer the mighty Polish Winged Hussars! http://michalpol.blox.pl/resource/husaria.jpg
  9. Stockholm drops out of the Olympic race! http://sverigesradio...artikel=5759142 Moderates in the City says no to organize Winter Games in Stockholm 2022. This means that the whole right majority are against an application . What do you think about the news ? Comment on this ! Posted at 10:27 am SHARE 2 COMMENTS - Unfortunately, it is so that we determine that it is not realistic to go in with an application for OS 2022, says Sten Nordin (M). Why not ? - We still need to go through the financial material and secure the economic calculations. Swedish Olympic COMMITTEE has made ​​a serious and good work, but this is very complicated economy. Calculations change. Sten Nordin (M) also mentions another explanation ; - We now bet on 140,000 new homes . It is an incredibly demanding applications. We must now put our focus and our money there. In a press release writing sports Mayor Regina Kevius (M): "To host a Winter Olympics represents a significant investment in new sports facilities , such as the bobsled and luge. Such facilities are unfortunately no need for after the Olympics ." Centre Party and the Liberal Party has previously gone out and said that it would be too expensive for Stockholm taxpayers to arrange an OS. Earlier today even left the Christian Democrats a no. The party says it does not want to speculate with taxpayer money . Thus it is clear that the City of Stockholm does not submit any Olympic bid .
  10. Could you please present the venue plan through screenshots from Google maps and place pictograms (representing the venues) through powerpoint like the one i made for Oslo?: All you need http://design123.kr/bs/files/attach/images/160986/611/024/vancouver-05.jpg
  11. Btw: Is this the hill Stockholm is planning to use in their bid for Alpine technical events, Halfpipe, Snowboard-cross, Ski-cross, Slopestyle, freestyle skiing (Moguls, Aerials)?
  12. Zakopane Zone (They should use the potential of Nosal) Nosal:
  13. I do not think that I have previously posted this here:
  14. Oslo is not boring, and will become an instant success like Lillehammer was in 1994 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJjOh2vDChA
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