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  1. Some good news from Oslo, Norway. In the past weeks both our minister of Culture, Thorild Widvey and her newly appointed secretary have publicly announced their support for the bid and an Oslo Olympics in 2022. Ministre of Culture, Thorhild Widvey: http://www.vg.no/sport/ol-2022/widvey-staar-fram-som-ol-entusiast/a/10123413/ "A huge part of the norwegian volunteer foundation is still based on the enthusiasm from Olympic winter games at Lillehammer in 1994. In orther to maintain a constant flow of volunteers we need a large project in order to mobilize a new generation of volunteers. The Olympics will need 20 000 - 25 000 volunteers. This could create a new wave which is important since the volunteers builds and holds up the norwegian society." Her secretary, Bjørgulv Vinje Borgundvaag http://www.idrett.no/nyheter/Sider/OL-i-Norge-i-Tjue-Tjue-To.aspx He has written a song in favour of the Olympics.
  2. Oslo plans to build to refurbish the central railway station and build a new bus terminal over the tracks. To be completed in between 2017-2019 New main bus terminal
  3. Very solid application file. Love the layout and the fact that this bid has huge public support in Poland. As a citizen of Oslo I of course want the games to take place in Norway, but as a half pole (my mother is polish) I really hope that Krakow takes this if Oslo backs out from the race..
  4. The bid video is back! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=226933867508357&set=vb.130024730532605&type=2&theater
  5. Love the colour combination of the logo, very traditional
  6. Krakow´s application file will be available on http://krakow2022.org/pl for the general public in one week time on monday 24. march Bonus: Explanation of Krakow 2022s logo: The centre (yellow square): Krakow´s old town market square Rest of the logo: Parzenica, old ident and symbol of the polish highlanders (folklore)
  7. Oslo 2022 application and photographic files. Application file http://www.oslo2022.oslo.kommune.no/getfile.php/Oslo2022/Internett%28O22%29/Dokumenter/CAP/Oslo2022_Application_File.pdf Photographic file http://www.oslo2022.oslo.kommune.no/getfile.php/Oslo2022/Internett%28O22%29/Dokumenter/CAP/Oslo_2022_photographic_file.pdf
  8. No 10 000 seats stadium is planned for use after the games. The Ice hockey venue (10 000) will be transformed to this:
  9. The "application file" will be available for download on this page monday 17.march 09:00: http://www.oslo2022.oslo.kommune.no/cap
  10. Or they simply scrap Ullevål and go for Bjerke Stadium with a temporary solution instead.
  11. Wisla Stadium: Venue for the opening and closing cermonies. Current capacity: 33 300 spectators And for the cauldron... (Wawel Dragon)
  12. Oslo 2022 has been allowed by the IOC to publish the IOC-manual (7000 pages of demands and requirements) http://www.oslo2022.oslo.kommune.no/soknad_om_statstilskudd_og_statsgaranti/
  13. Correct version (Holmenkollen was misplaced in the previous one) of the venue plan in Oslo (including paralympic venues)
  14. The official information booklet which was handed out to IOC-members and the press during the games in Sochi http://www.oslo2022.oslo.kommune.no/getfile.php/Oslo2022/Internett%28O22%29/Dokumenter/Oslo2022%20information.pdf
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