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  1. Welcome to madrid. Many people on this forum should visit madrid and see. Madrid's Olympic Village athletes can walk to the Olympic Stadium and is the size perfect city for a the games. Tokyo is too big and cold but I think is the biggest competitor of Madrid. Istanbul, the idea is good but has many problems, a possible war with Syria? Infrastructures. Human rights. Islam. etc...
  2. 464 days left for Buenos Aires. Win.
  3. Venues, hotels, concept. The Games are seen as an opportunity. 78% of the sports facilities and civilians are ready. Good transport network. Two previous experiences, the Olympic spirit and government support. DOHA OUT BAKU OUT TOKIO 8.02 INSTAMBUL 6.98 MADRID 8.08 in this moment, a favorite bid for IOC is MADRID.
  4. If Spain leave of Euro, is The End of the Euro. Spain has economic problems like everyone else. The Olympic Games are in 2020 now is 2012, and Madrid has 75% of the Olympic venues completed. It is more concerned about the lack of human rights in Turkey that the economy of Spain.
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