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  1. The Olympics are getting too big for themselves.
  2. would they push the redevelopment to begin asap and have the opening ceremony be in the new stadium on the site of san siro?
  3. i think the only improvement that coulda been made there was some scenery of Ipanema.
  4. Feels cheap (not saying it was), one note, and disjointed. NOT looking forward to Paris like this. The vastness doesn't help. A stadium helps to contain the program. Sure, the views of the city are nice. I agree with you (for once lol)
  5. I voted for Athens because it has a special place in my heart and I liked the theatrics and drama of it. It was very clean and well produced, in my opinion. Papaiannou's stories take a lot of work on the part of the view to interpret and understand. I do agree though with what you said, Scotguy, about both Sydney and Athens. Sydney is the quintessential Opening Ceremony. I'm all Athens, Sydney, Barcelona before anything we've seen in the last 15 years. I'll take SLC, Torino and Vancouver over Sochi.
  6. what the hell did i just read. these last few pages feel like a piss take hahahaha
  7. I'm looking at it through an American lens and I'm making a sweeping generalization here, but I'm confident that most Americans don't know where Brisbane is. A lack of familiarity with a city makes it hard for Americans to invest in a Games. Also the lack of buzz from selection doesn't help either.
  8. Okay, I'm still baffled why they rushed to pick Brisbane. I feel like it will usher in another era of quiet games like we've seen over the last few cycles.
  9. The colors reminded me of those used in during the Parade of Nations during the Olympics Opening in 2008. When the athletes walked across the giant scroll and they stamped their feet in the paint. All around a great ceremony. At first, I didn't understand where that first artistic bit was going with the two kids, but in the end I thought it was very touching! The music for the PON was much better, even if it was a little slow. A clean and solid show overall! hoping to get more cultural in the years to come! Missing the big show pieces and storylines.
  10. I think a major problem lies with the Olympic program though. The recent excessive addition of events, each Games, is over-saturating the program. I'd argue it could be more feasible for a Winter edition, than a Summer edition from an athlete numbers standpoint. Also, money from the two extra ceremonies could be reallocated elsewhere. Does anyone know of any feasibility studies for this?
  11. I'd like to start a discussion on the current state of the Paralympics and what it could be in the future. Let's hash out the pros and cons of the Paralympic Games being staged before, alongside, and after the Olympics. Let's talk event logistics, impacts on media, political influence, effect on athletes, etc. There are so many angles to look at. At first thought, I'd really like it to be staged during the Olympics, by extending the Olympic program another two weeks to accommodate Paralympic events being fully integrated throughout. I mean, "para" infers that they run parallel to the Olympics. Last time I checked, AFTER isn't "running parallel." Further analysis to come!
  12. I suggest you take it to the DMs if you have an issue with someone. Arguing here isn't going to get you anywhere and you're clogging up the board. Rols has done nothing wrong and you continue to go on about nothing. It's frustrating for those who want to discuss the topics at hand. Please take the time to self reflect.
  13. did they take it down too for those outside the US?
  14. The reason I'm more skeptical is because I remember in the 2016 Closing, there was that whole segment promoting the Olympic Channel, which is just another example of IOC interference. So I fear the IOC influence is more than just a sign of the times, but more of an opportunity for sterile PR stunts which will probably continue.
  15. Mmm I think it's a mix of both. I read somewhere last week that Bach suggested Imagine again for the Beijing OC. I'm sure they've suggested more than just that and will continue to as long as this is the leadership we're dealing with.
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