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  1. SWAPSIES? RT "@Tivvy: Anyone with London Prepares Water Polo tickets for Friday 4th want to swap for the Thursday 3rd? #2012tweeps"

  2. This is very cool indeed. I typing this on my laptop - have no Wifi, no LAN. But using my new phone as 3G modem - USB tethering is fantastic

  3. Fancy letting us know where you? (approximately!): http://t.co/w1ZxoEVi The #2012Tweeps Map

  4. NOT NEWS! RT "@London2012: (1 of 3) Social media info: anyone attending @London2012 events is welcome to take pictures in venues..."

  5. Cool. RT "@brownshane3: @volshy also tix still available for Team GB v Team USA in Manchester 19 July as tuneup for Games."

  6. many thanks to @IanDay2 for heads-up for Travelodge sale today. :-))))

  7. DITTO MT @CarolynB66: Think we should all giving a massive round of applause to Alex @2012Tweeps 4 her efforts on T-Shirts & ££ raised 4 MSF

  8. ... has ordered his #2012Tweeps t-shirt. Have you? All profits to Medecin San Frontiers.

  9. It's half-time in the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul. The score is AC Milan 3 Liverpool 0.

  10. You want a #2012Tweeps t-shirt or hoodie? In which case, have word with Alex @2012Tweeps... quickly.

  11. Spain /Aristeia/Viagogo very disappointing. For more info see @matthew_gabb. @camecoT_F @Carlos_Perez_Ar @howarddenise2

  12. a nice story - well done to @spin_me for bagging 4x AT003 - Julie had been looking for those ever since the ballot last year! Congrats.

  13. I subscribed for an email alert for every AT session. No emails received yet.

  14. My ears are burning... Someone been talking about me?

  15. Yep. RT "@oscarb4l: @volshy 4 tickets only?!? And only 2 per order when i need 3!"

  16. Fantastic Kelvin! Congrats. RT "@Njord242: 2.57 at VLM. Fastest marathon in 2 years! :-)"

  17. Wow! RT "@simcra: Incredible crowds at Pier Head to see the giants sail out of the city #seaodyssey http://t.co/GlBa5x1q"

  18. Good luck to my sis Ange running her 2nd #LondonMarathon.

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