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  1. "@Tessa_Morgan: @volshy Been trying since last year but still not luck. Hoping I get some tomorrow." You've got NO tickets?? At all??

  2. Reminder of what LOCOG has in store tomorrow at 11am: http://t.co/Ny6RvL4L

  3. Nothing to get too excited about though, sorry!

  4. Who wants to join 'the List' then? As long as you have a minimum of 1x Olympic ticket, you can join. But we have rules. ;-) OBEY THEM....

  5. ATR delivery information: what is the latest? What do YOU know? Put it here please for everyone to see: https://t.co/Xbs51hWg #2012Tweeps

  6. Please update 'the List' with your new purchases, wants & excess info. Thanks. @2012Tweeps @nmdouglas

  7. Sportsworld RT "@JayBort: What do you think would happen to those attempting to pick tickets up in London with US ID?"

  8. True story! RT "@sris22: @nmdouglas You are a God-man amongst Gods and men! Thank you! #2012Tweeps"

  9. Do you have any specific delivery info from any EU ATRs you've used? Please tell us here: http://t.co/iGYKUcrZ | #2012Tweeps | #London2012

  10. Sweet! RT "@techiebabe: @volshy Thanks again for your help, and good luck getting other people to the Olympics! Have fun :-)" I will!

  11. LIST ! RT @nmdouglas: Help 2 build up a picture of each venue & blocks used 4 each category! Comes with some pretty pictures of each venue!

  12. My week on twitter: 84 retweets received, 43 new followers, >1k mentions. Via: http://t.co/7CMGhTLs

  13. Look who it is!! Hello! RT "@jfraseruk: @volshy ghost tickets? Does that mean it shows ticket but when it comes to book they disappear?" Yes

  14. No #olympictickets?? No excuse! Loads available at Dertour right now. Cycling, athletics & swimming.

  15. GYMNASTICS. 4x GA009-D.

  16. All together now! "Cheer up Oysterman55! Oh what can it mean... To a ...."

  17. Brilliant photos RT "@petecarr: The Olympic Torch Relay in Merseyside. http://t.co/CmwGKE6y @NWfor2012 #london2012"

  18. Any1? RT "@robinjones1980: I have Mens & Womens CR Box Hill tickets. £10 face value as away that w'end on stag do. Anyone?" @Cathwiggins1981

  19. Cool! RT "@DaSistasDad: Postman has just called! Ok not tickets but next best thing http://t.co/7Kp0dB3w" ( @LauraTrott31's dad!)

  20. Superb!! RT "@snapperlane: Wow what a view Liverpool! Olympic torch #merseytorch #liverpool @LivEchoNews http://t.co/rwvVlUk9"

  21. Woah! RT @LukeFritz64: Just off phone with CoSport. All deliveries shud b done by end of 1st week of July. + HIGH alert for sales next week.

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