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  1. Good mum! @Sianh10 RT "@OwenHenley: My mum just made me, what must be the greatest hot chocolate I have ever had. #im20yearsold #andwhat!?"

  2. RT "@RFerdenzi: Tesco's expecting a delivery of new burgers tomorrow at 5-1" (via @DaSistasDad )

  3. #London2012 replays on @TVCatchup's InSportive channel. Highly recommended.

  4. I really am a sentimental fool. Why does Bond make me well up?

  5. #Skyfall ... This is the end...

  6. Sing While You Work - a superb, feel good show. Well done @garethmalone @Choir_NHS @RoyalMailChoir, Severn Trent & Manchester Airport. #swyw

  7. Excellent interview with Dave Brailsford on @bbcfivelive just now. In-depth exchange re TeamSky latest anti-doping process.

  8. Have a listen of this great mix by @roballenby "No Sell Out - The Downtempo Mix October 2012" on @mixcloud http://t.co/ktNnOry9

  9. My week on twitter: 4 retweets received, 142 mentions. Via: http://t.co/7CMGhTLs

  10. Guitar sound - on a keyboard... check it out: http://t.co/QgUCq0qG

  11. How beautiful is this? http://t.co/DJadNdhz (Answer: "very")

  12. And at #1 on 19-Oct-1987 was this: http://t.co/Goi5PfYA ... Not exactly cool... but it was the #80s ...

  13. AT015 (Mo, 5000m) - who was sat in Block 226, Row 60 (tix fr Jakala/Italy). I was & you were sat next to me. Who were/are u? #2012Tweeps

  14. Sheldrakes Restaurant... Lovely place on Gayton shore. Barnesy! #WDYTYA

  15. Can we not knock it?!?!

  16. Just had a look through @BBCLDNOlympics - nice timeline and good memories.

  17. You mean this? http://www.eurovisionsports.tv/london2012/index.html The music is this: - High Contrast - The Road Goes on Forever (One Minute to Midnight Extended Mix)cheers volshy I love that photo of the Olympic Cauldron in your sig. Is it a frame-grab from TV or is available elsewhere? Thanks volshy
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