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  1. Thanks to a Twitter friend who found this: Dame Evelyn Glennie talking about performing at the Opening Ceremony and watching the video of the ceremony afterwards: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00hcr67http:// Might only work for UK listeners though.
  2. @DurbanSandshark I've made a post in the BBC Coverage thread which may interest you. PM me if you're interested.
  3. I'm probably going to look like a right idiot, but you're now going to tell me & everyone else that you're an expert in the inflatables business and that of their use in the entertainment industry and obviously right on top of latest developments in this field. I'm impressed. Unless of course, you're not.
  4. @Baron Remarkable. Or maybe not. It all looks too complex for the chimneys to be inflatables in your eyes... and yet Danny Boyle all but says "they were inflatables" on his commentary and you're not convinced.
  5. @Baron There WAS inflation involved. How do I know? I bought the BBC highlights box set and watched the OC with Danny Boyle's commentary.
  6. Absolutely! As a piece of if music alone it stirs the souls, lifts the spirit and makes you want to punch the air. Rick Smith of Underworld said he found it a very difficult project and it took him a long time to compose (in an interview with BBC 6 Music).
  7. Oh dear: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-21192908 Scalping? At An Olympic Games? Is this guy for real? I suspect the "authorised" US ticket resellers/scalpers have lobbied NBC quite strongly, considering the leverage that NBC appear to wield. I know they were mighty pissed off at not getting any serious reselling action - VISA came down very hard on a lot of them. " "That cast a stain on the event," he said ". Yeah, as it did in Beijing, Athens, Sydney, Atlanta, Barcelona, Seoul, Los Angeles, Moscow, Montreal etc etc etc.
  8. And we haven't even mentioned the NBC 2 hour special of Paralympics coverage ....
  9. @bruneikingdomguyIII So you participated in the Opening Ceremony at the 1997 Atlantic City Olympic Games huh? Nice. With reference to your idea of WW2 being remembered in London's Opening Ceremony, I can't recall a depiction of any of the US's military events during Los Angles' 1983 or Atlantic City's 1997 Opening Ceremonies - no sight of the US's role in the C-day landings at Normandsville during the early part of WW2 or General Custard's last stand at the Alabama in the infamous War of the Slaves. I suppose remembering the tragic and fatal Chinese attack at Diamond Harbour should have been included in Beijing's Opening Ceremony? Or at least solemnly commemorated during Atlantic City's Opening Ceremony ?
  10. In which case, London 2012, Danny Boyle and Underworld raised the bar with respect to Olympic Opening Ceremonies. Watching on TV, and with the BBC commentary team doing a pretty decent job, in the middle section of Pandemonium I thought "what is this wonderful music?" And from what I've heard from people who were there, boy, did they feel that music. For now, goodnight my friends. Hello Sanj, Mark, Matt :-)
  11. Test? Eh? You didn't like visuals of the OC. Thank you for your input, let's move on. What about the audio? Simple question, no?
  12. @baron-pierreIV You don't care about the details? The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games? But you spend SOOO much time & energy discussing the damn thing! Let's face it, this show just wasn't for you and we should just leave it there. I can't help but ask... What did you think of Underworld's 2 original compositions and the soundtrack in general? The CD did very well worldwide (top 10, maybe #1, in nearly 70 countries), although not in the US.
  13. @baron-pierreIV "West Indies boat incident" - again, NBC letting you down in the most basic of ways. That boat was the Windrush and brought the 1st list of immigrants from the West Indies to the UK in 1948. S seminal moment in this country's modern history and clearly a huge moment regarding multi-culturism in the UK.
  14. @baron-pierreIV "West Indies boat incident" - again, NBC letting you down in the most basic of ways. That boat was the Windrush and brought the 1st list of immigrants from the West Indies to the UK in 1948. S seminal moment in this country's modern history and clearly a huge moment regarding multi-culturism in the UK.
  15. @baron You refer to "his own OBS cameras". What do you mean? It's well known that Boyle was unhappy some aspects of the Finnish OBS crew that filmed the Ceremony. He wasn't in.control of them. @Athensfan Outside of the US, ABC streams (you meant NBC??) cannot be watched, unless jiggery-pokery is used. Proxies etc. This is common around the world. Hence why you probably can't watch BBC streams.
  16. @Baron Did I read that right? The Brunei Kingdom guy? Is this a wind-up? Here we are in January 2013, nearly 6 months later... You've typed a lot of words & made a load of posts about this Opening Ceremony, clearly a subject close to your heart and you're referring to the Brunei Kingdom guy? Really? Did NBC fail you so utterly? Either that, or you were so disengaged with the whole spectacle that you couldn't be bothered to even look up any number of reviews which made reference to the main characters of the show. Brunei Kingdom guy? Wow. I'll leave it to others to correct you. Unless I've just bitten a huge piece of juicy bait of course....
  17. I was a fairly frequent visitor of the official London 2012 Facebook page before, during & a little the Games. There seems to be something of a dispute in this thread regarding how the Opening Ceremony was viewed by non-Brits. For some more data I thought I'd link to the comments made by people from all over the world re: the Opening Ceremony: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150984801767408&set=a.375949132407.158882.259479457407&type=1&relevant_count=1 There's 4347 comments there.... And also here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150984335922408&set=a.375949132407.158882.259479457407&type=1&relevant_count=1 And here is BBC's roundup of worldwide reaction: Media & worldwide reaction to Opening Ceremony http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19025686 London2012 Opening Ceremony wows world media: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-19026951 Having said that, BBC Radio Five Live (news & sports station) which did the radio commentary for the Ceremony, did remark that they thought those outside Britain might struggle to understand parts of the show, but all in all, judging the foreign media/press reaction and those comments on Facebook, I'm confident that outside UK, many millions of people enjoyed it for what it was, a great show. Head-scratching at times maybe to some, but good entertainment nonetheless. For what it's worth, I'm British, live in Britain & London was my 1st Games that I attended. And I watched all 4 Ceremonies on TV. From my perspective, in order of decreasing enjoyment, entertainment & general WOW factor, I'd rank the 4 Ceremonies as follows: (1) Olympic Opening Ceremony (2) Paralympics Closing Ceremony (very enjoyable) (3) Olympics Closing Ceremony (yeah, it was alright as these things go. It's a disco I guess) (4) Paralympics Opening Ceremony (meh! I bit dull IMO) With a sizeable gap between numbers 2 and 3 ;-) and number (1) being WAAAAY out in front. So I'm just a regular punter, having loved the Olympics since I watched my 1st one on the TV in 1976 (only vague memories). I'm no Olympics-geek if you will - No "expert" on what should & shouldn't be involved. I was just sat at home, excited like a kid, waiting, wondering what was going to unfold. The BBC did their usual fantastic professional job - loved the intro film piece with Benedict Cumberbatch (seen here: ).I had deliberately ignored any newspaper or internet leaks regarding the Opening Ceremony. I wanted everything about it to be new & fresh to me. I didnt want to know anything about it really. How wonderful that Danny Boyle had persuaded everyone involved (not to mention the 80,000 who attend the technical rehearsal!) with the brilliant tag-line #savethesurprise.... It was (and he is a) genius IMO. And what <was> "the surprise" worth saving? ABSOLUTELY. The cynicism that I've seen here regarding the "surprises" is a little unfair and unwarrented in my eyes. Sure, for those in the Stadium watching the Rings move slowly in from above, then lucky you to have worked out what was going to happen - but surely a fantastic spectacle in the flesh?. On TV it was only obvious what was going to happen a few seconds before the 5 rings came together. THAT was a surprise. And it looked FANTASTIC! Isn't that we want from a Ceremony? A beautiful & iconic image to remember it by? To me, having seen the Green & Pleasant Land, then the surprise was <everything> that followed, especially "Pandemonium" (WOW) and "Happy and Glorious" (WOW), the Torch Relay Review, the raising of the Olympic Flag, TeamGB entry to "Heroes", the Arctic Monkeys (both tracks - loved the bikes!) and the the Lighting of the Flame: from Beckham (booo!!!) through to the 7 teenagers. And HOW could I forget Underworld's utterly WONDERFUL music? "And I Will Kiss" (Pandemonium) is, IMO, one of the best & most inspirational pieces of music I've heard whilst "Caliban's Dream" (lighting the flame) was simply beautiful and matched the occasion perfectly. London wanted to be different and achieved that in a good & great way IMO. I scratch my head at some of the comments here, but then I remind myself: this is the internet. This level of discussion wasn't happening during and after Seoul 1988. There are obsessive Olympic geeknuts here (I'm not quite there yet) who are going to obsess & argue over every detail - and that's what these forums for. And really, how many people are reading & contributing to this thread? Not a huge number is it. So really, a better pulse-reading of what the world at large thought IMO, are those comments on the Facebook pages :-) Anyway, enough! You must be bored of me :-) John aka @ twitter.com/volshy Addendum.... for those using Twitter, the hashtag #NBCfail became a bit of a phenomenon in the days after the Opening Ceremony. See here: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=%23nbcfail+twitter&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a
  18. Gaby Douglas wins GOLD! Womens All-Round Final. Who knew? Not me! BBC's "Olympics 2012" Thu 2-Aug w Gary Lineker :-)

  19. The more I watch the #London2012 Men's Team GA Final, the more I enjoy it & appreciate what a great achievement the bronze medal was.

  20. Time for BBC's #Africa on catch-up... Congo!

  21. #London2012 - Day 2 highlights (Women's Road Race) on @TVCatchup's [in]Sportive channel right now. #2012Tweeps

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