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  1. You saw a different show to the one I did. The Four Nations Choir segment lasted 3m 40s .... The 4 short rugby clips totalled 17 seconds. 17 seconds. That's less than 10% of the hymns segment alone. And yet you saw "more rugby than anything else in Green and Pleasant". Sorry, I don't get it. Did I miss some more rugby? I saw some cricket... some maids milking, some guys watering.... I mean... all the evidence is there on Youtube.
  2. Q. Why was rugby included? A. The name of the choir on the Isles of Wonder soundtrack was the "Four Nations Choir". There's your clue. It's really very simple IMHO, certainly from a UK perspective. Ask yourself this: why was there a Four Nations Choir? Why were they singing 4 hymns? What was the point? Rugby was chosen as sporting way to do the same job as those 4 hymns. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. @athensfan Why rugby ? For a very similar reason that there were 4 anthems/hymns at the start: Jerusalem - England Danny Boy - Northern Ireland Flower of Scotland - Scotland :-) Guide Me Of Thou Great Redeemer - Wales. Given that we are a political union of 4 nations (the above), the use of rugby imagery & the 4 anthems was a way pulling all 4 nations together and reminding all of us (in particular Scot, Wales, & NI) that not only was is it a London Games but a Games for the whole of the United Kingdom. And rugby is a sport that all 4 home nations have had success & famous moments in, in the last 30 years or so. Certainly to this UK citizen, I thought the use of rugby and the hymns was an excellent way of bringing everyone together at the start of the evening. That Six Nations tournament is fairly big you know ;-)
  4. Barry darling, It is <YOU> that's presuming that Danny Boyle and his team were being presumptive regarding the international audiences knowledge of British culture & history. How was I to understand all the references to Chinese culture & history in 2008? I wouldn't presume to. And I don't recall a seething anger & resentment on my part towards its director for not making it easier for me to. I certainly wouldn't expect any Opening Ceremony to be 100% understood by the international audience. Why should it? Maybe, just maybe they present an opportunity for the international viewer to go off & learn a little more about the host city & country. Again, as a TV viewer, you weren't really meant to notice the mosh pits, so why make an issue out of them? Seems like criticism for criticism's sake. Any chance to stick the boot into Danny Boyle & his team.
  5. Barry I didn't notice the mosh pits at any point during the TV broadcast nor subsequently on the DVD. They were NOT there for dramatic effect. They were NOT there for audience consumption and certainly NOT for the TV audience.
  6. Barry mate You've missed the point again. They were not a "cheap trick", far from it. I'd have thought that from all the interviews Danny Boyle has given recently you'd have got a sense (if you hadn't already) where he's been coming. His sense of inclusivity for example. Taking our music festivals as inspiration (the Glastonbury Tor?), they served a very PRACTICAL purpose in allowing a small number of people from the local area to experience the show very close up. That's it. That's all. They played virtually no role in the TV broadcast. It was simply a nice & memorable & thematically relevant way for some very lucky locals to experience the evening. The mish pits were NOT there to add "dramatic value" to the show. Not at all.
  7. The mosh pits were there as a nod to another great (& relatively modern) British institution, the Glastonbury music festival. They also provided the opportunity for a selection of local ticket-holders to get very close to the action. By all accounts they had a wonderful time.
  8. If anyone is interested, The Times is hosting a Q&A with Danny Boyle this evening in London. If you tweet using the hashtag #DannyBoyleLive they may ask him your question. He is of course promoting his latest film Trance and is "doing the rounds", doing a variety of TV & print/web interviews and answering a lot of questions re the Opening Ceremony.
  9. Uh oh, me again. I really don't see a big tradition in famous Olympian's lighting the flame at the Summer Games, if this list is accurate: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_who_have_lit_the_Olympic_Cauldron Looks like London was following the tradition laid down by Berlin 36, London 48, Rome 60, Tokyo 64, Mexico 68, Munich 72, Montreal 76 and Seoul 88. So that's 9 of the 18 Summer Games since & incl Berlin (the 1st to have a Torch relay & Olympic Flame of course). I'd add that I'd never heard of Li Ning (Beijing), Nikolaos Kaklamanakis (Athens), Antiono Rebollo (Barcelona) at the time. No doubt Li and Kaklamanakis were very big names in China & Greece respectively. I doubt Rebollo was in Spain. Rafer Johnson (LA), Sergey Belov (Moscow) again probably very well known in the US (I have some doubts abourt Rafer to be honest) & Soviet Union at the time but outside of that. But famous Olympians outside their countries? Nah. If anything, only Ali and Freeman really stand out as recognisable figures outside their own countries and they have distorted the perception somewhat of what type of person lights the Flame these days. Yes, inevitably Ali & Freeman stand out as "celebrity" lighters and very memorably so. What did London was actually fairly traditional as these things go. If anything the star of the show was Heatherwick's design - creating that beautiful moment. THAT was memorable.
  10. @Illustrado Love the video - thank you very much for finding & posting it. Cheers John
  11. and here's an interview from yesterday's Guardian with Stephen Daldry, creative director of the Opening Ceremony: http://http://www.guardian.co.uk/culture/2013/feb/10/stephen-daldry-mirren-audience-interview?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487
  12. AND.... getting this back on topic AGAIN!... Here is an interview with the writer of London's Opening Ceremony, Frank Cottrell Boyce: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/my-perfect-weekend/9854955/My-perfect-weekend-Frank-Cottrell-Boyce-childrens-author.html Ciao!
  13. Thanks Rob. You know, I'd love to hear from all the principal performers in the Ceremony, but to hear how Rowan Atkinson got involved & that piece came together would be fascinating.
  14. @GBModerator Hey there. If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know. Thanks.
  15. Getting back on topic (i.e. Opening Ceremony/London2012 Ceremonies Discussion) ... I shall post again a link to a very enjoyable and interesting interview with Dame Evelyn Glennie, who lead the drummers during the Pandemonium sequence. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9M7ZYkOjhHeYXV2RkhhR1hVYjA/edit?usp=sharing For those who are interested (and of course that may not be everyone here) here are some other links: Who am I talking about? Here she is.... http://now-here-this.timeout.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/photo4.jpg Who is she? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelyn_Glennie She presented at TED in 2003 - fascinating! http://www.ted.com/talks/evelyn_glennie_shows_how_to_listen.html Note: she is profoundly deaf but has carved out a career as a solo percussionist.
  16. You IGNORED my post re the interview w Dame Evelyn Glennie??? No you didn't! You launched into a full-on rant!
  17. @baron You want respect? You to be taken (somewhat) seriously? Then please look at my post again re the interview and then your response and recall that this thread is ABOUT THE OPENING CEREMONY OF THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES. You're telling me that my post, with a link to an interview by one of the principal performers about her experience in the Opening Ceremony, is "inane"? In tjis Am I posting in the wrong thread? Can the moderators help me out here maybe?
  18. @baron ... and what would you describe your reaction to my original post was? Considered, polite & respectful?
  19. Hey Baron Chill out man, you're here only for FUN, remember? You tell us not take you so seriously yet your reaction to my link to an intervew with Dame Glennie has seen you, well... combust. Now, could you please politely & calmly tell me & everyone else here, how my post was in anyway "inane"? Thank you.
  20. I make a very short post a link to an interesting and entertaining retrospective interview with a key London2012 Opening Ceremony performer and I give a friendly caveat that those outside the UK may not be able to listen to it and this is classed as an "inane post" ? By someone who asks not to take everything they say here so seriously and who claims they are here "for fun...NOT always serious discussion". For someone who wants to have some fun you sure go off the deep end from time to time. There's me thinking that this is the Opening Ceremony subforum of the GamesBids London 2012 Summer Games forum, open even to residents of the UK.
  21. You know, you might just be right there Davey.
  22. As Illustrado says, when I saw "Might only work for UK listeners though" = the radio broadcast stream might only be operate for people living in the UK unless other methods are used, eg proxies.
  23. thanks Illustrado - that's exactly right. With it being BBC Radio, the chances are with it'll be only UK listeners who are able to listen to it. And there was me, stupidly thinking that on the GamesBids Forums' London 2012 Summer Games, Opening Ceremony subforum (open to a worldwide audience) that maybe, just maybe that someone here may be interested in hearing from one of the professionals (a profoundly deaf drummer/percussionist) who played lead the drums for "And I Will Kiss"... on how it was to be there, participate and ultimately watch it back for the 1st time. A strange thought, but then hey, that's me.
  24. You've told me & others not to take all this stuff so seriously, and that you're here mostly to have some fun. In which case, I'll ignore you. Maybe you should take notice of your own advice.
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