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  1. QUIZ !!! RT @OlympicHunter: A further gentle reminder to visit the FORUM re tomorrow night's QUIZ.

  2. I have to say, grudgingly, that the redevelopment of the once grotty Arndale Centre, is v impressive.

  3. Can I have a 'P' please Steve? RT @OlympicHunter: Reminder: QUIZ details on FORUM .

  4. List STATS!!! RT @angbur: Stats https://t.co/eobzDpkP Few examples shown. Tweeps can come up w own stats by filling in the white cells

  5. Blimey. @Pearcesport now has 44k followers. Nearly 30k added since June. Respect.

  6. Fantasy footie anyone? RT @I_am_Confuzzled: #2012tweeps. FPL Head-to-head league; join now - 1595194-574224

  7. Science vs Art - love it. Enjoy! http://t.co/FIlztquS

  8. Very interesting news: our company has agreed to talks at ACAS with our union re: our pension dispute. Pleasantly surprised. V early days.

  9. watched last wks episode of Twenty Twelve last night. Dave Wellbeck, oh how I laughed. Any1 remember BBC2's 'People Like Us'?

  10. ... and something very strange: http://t.co/2yXkBbw6

  11. Liverpool - the 2nd largest wealth management centre in the UK.

  12. Simon Grayson sacked? Bates is an idiot.

  13. Some nutter has handcuffed himself to the goalpost at Goodison. Handcuffs stopped play!

  14. fair play to the guy RT @Simon_Hughes__: Excellent interview by @OllieHoltMirror, this. Craig Bellamy speaks: http://t.co/OaPaDhEQ

  15. #2012Tweeps timeline updated with more links, ticket stats & Dertour https://t.co/P6GIOtiu

  16. wondering how many here post on http://t.co/HkOsX2U4 forums re: #olympictickets... ? Wolvesaussie? The Hunter, Madscouser (who?) ?

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