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  1. 10 new followers... thanks @JoshMcStay @matt_shoreditch @Hunt4Tickets. Carry on chaps! #wingmen

    1. deawebo


      What's your username on tw?

  2. "@steparry2: Err don't watch channel 4 if you didn't get Olympic tickets.. My mum is fuming.." Ste!! We can help... this is tripe...

  3. interesting stuff from @North574 on holiday in SLOVENIA .... #olympictickets

  4. QUIZ!!! RT @OlympicHunter OFFICIAL. The quiz will go ahead as per FORUM details. Send emails ASAP please. OFFICIAL

  5. Will help! RT @Londonal: Trying to get tickets for ANYTHING to do with the #Olympics has to be the ultimate triumph of hope over experience

  6. 'the List' | 228 users | 7,557 #olympictickets, 565 session, 86 missing | value = £ 509,505 - #2012Tweeps

  7. anyone got a 1 spare ticket for LP Cycling next Friday, 12pm session for Becky @rahmatiw ?

  8. MASSIVE #ff @robertrea who sorted out SimonB with his CB002s - RELIEF!

  9. Madness! Who'd have thought?! Caught with our troosers doon!

  10. Dear @Twitter @feedback I want to see who me & new followers of mine have in common wrt to who we both follow. This has disappeared.

  11. suggest you all follow @JoshMcStay ASAP - & watch closely....

  12. WHAT??? "@DanKennett: Ian McGarry @garbosj just now on @bbc5live "the FA must react quickly to make an appointment that suits the media"

  13. QUIZ!!! RT @OlympicHunter ".... be advised that this is the final call for QUIZ entries by 8pm. You can calm down now..."

  14. Enough of all that now James, back to the day job... where/when are the next #olympictickets being sold? @Pearcesport

  15. ooo, Redknapp/Mandaric verdict possibly on the way... who'll have it 1st...

  16. great - bumped onto new Twitter #sarcasm

  17. 64% of my followers are from #UK,6% from #USA & 27% from #London. http://t.co/phLq5IBb. What's your #TweepsMap?

  18. Interesting article and great photo: http://t.co/0l80v93Y

  19. if anyone has spare London Prepare Cycling tickets, then @nick_wicks would be very interested...

  20. Good morning & welcome to @nick_wicks, another migrant fr FB, looking 4 #olympictickets. After spare London Prepares Cycling tix I believe?

  21. VOLLEYBALL RT "@DS21DS: Ok...need to shift either shift VO026 (Cat C 2 tickets) or VO033 (Cat C 2 tickets)...anybody interested?"

  22. QUIZ!!! RT "@MatthewLumby: @OlympicHunter This QUIZ!!!! business has turned you into the new @volshy!"

  23. Why is my VISA card being declined by http://t.co/P3ULMqWi ?? Details still ok... Doesnt bode well. #FB007

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