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  1. .. and still not got any tickets will get first bite at those tickets before they go on full public sale."

  2. Bob Ballard reading the news on Talksport?? @bbc5live, wot happened? #swimming

  3. I missed it but have it recorded, but #2012Tweeps have got a mention on BBC from @mrjakehumphrey... thanks Jake! [thx @EllieAtWHL]

  4. This was known last May!! RT @SkyNewsOlympic: They say 29k out of 80k wur available w 21k sold already & 8k 2 go on sale in April.

  5. Followers, please see @sris22 for latest must read blog. Superb. #2012Tweeps #twclondon

  6. WOW!! Tanni?!? Really? LEGEND!! "@Tanni_GT: @MalwenGoch #2012Tweeps. Anyone else at the cycling. I'm wearing red white and blue !!"

  7. Hahaha! V good #lfc "@2012Tweeps: @RedGBarn @IanDay2 Oooooh I wanna dance with Koscielny" #afc

  8. VELODROME! RT "@Bob_Tag: @paddyjim @slh1975 honestly, I don't think there's a bad seat in this house!"

  9. LEGENDARY + TIMELINE!!! RT "@jordandias: And also lucky enough to meet @gailemms http://t.co/I5VdC2NG"

  10. who will be my 400th follower? @paulajradcliffe perhaps? #olympictickets

  11. Can anyone help Becky @rahmatiw please? Requires 1x London Prepares Cycling ticket 4 tomorrow's morning session... thanks.

  12. YEAH! RT "@TeamGBfan: #olympictickets @Jamjaw Now going to LP cycling this weekend! Thx to @Mike_Channon and tweep power! #2012tweeps"

  13. LIST!! MT @sris22: @nmdouglas @2012Tweeps just discovered colour coding features in the calendar. AMAZING. Thank you. Have to do MSF soon.

  14. STAT! MT @angbur: @Jamjaw @nmdouglas If ATRs hv 12% of 8.8m tix, they hv 1056000tix. #Tweeps hv 5888 ATR tix - 0.558% or 1 in every 179 tix

  15. hello @matt_itvnews & thanks for following. Presume you're after #olympictickets? See my timeline & @volshy/olympictickets

  16. so, in case you were wondering... there are now 8,006 tickets on you-know-what... #olympictickets

  17. see Mr Jam aka @Jamjaw for news of #olympictickets from old favourite Sportsworld @sportevents #London2012 #2012Tweeps

  18. To re-iterate wot @2012Tweeps said 2 me last night - FANTASTIC 2 see so many newbies getting #olympictickets... AND helping each other!

  19. ah, the adrenaline! Another manic #olympictickets sale. It's bloody crazy this. Really is. @siand85 @daiGreene.

  20. CoSport is GO!!!! LIVE!! AT, SW, DV, RO......

  21. has to be said, @ChrisJamesAust practically cleaned out Aussie CoSport last night. Muchos kudos! #2012Tweeps #stoked!

  22. My week on twitter: 6 retweets received, 3 new followers, 472 mentions. Via: http://t.co/7CMKPtUC

  23. for a brief moment last night @paulajradcliffe followed me... very flattered Paula, thank you. Need help with #olympictickets?

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