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  1. Olympic Park, Sat 4 Aug 2012: t-shirt, shorts, trainers, suncream, sunglasses, SCARF. Genius! @BBCSport_Ollie @Pearcesport

  2. a bloody scarf! #London2012. Thought @Madscouser72's umbrella idea was genius. @BBCSport_Ollie @London2012

  3. Well done to P&G @PGNewsUK for sorting out (some) TeamGB athletes families with #olympictickets. *need to clean myself now #rival

  4. can someone please put me out of my misery? What is the 1st track being used for the latest BBC #London2012 trail? Thx! http://t.co/7A5iEJPd

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Matt! RT "@matt_shoreditch: What a great way to celebrate my Birthday! Happy Days! #Arsenal http://t.co/6QTr2WWZ

  6. #2012Tweeps try again: DIVING roll-call https://t.co/Kqs95C5u (right link this time!)

  7. ... has spoken. I must eat & recharge, contemplate & muse.

  8. #ff @Pearcesport - of course, you're already doing so, but anyway. Loved his "I know it all now" line re: Rd 3, a few days ago. #LightBulb

    1. Lee


      I am all for safety but why wasn't this realised a long time ago. Sometimes I question if anybody knows what they are doing.

  9. bloody hell - i actually switch this damn thing off for only TEN minutes & i miss some decent ET info!

  10. in Googling "tvd1983" I found this... http://t.co/XQ0Tu6ek

  11. #2012Tweeps RUSSIA! MT @TomRugbyFan: I got most of my tickets from the Russian federation, hv 29 sessions, a record from what uv seen?

  12. Looks like more Round 3 details coming up from @DavidBondBBC on BBC website shortly... #olympictickets

  13. are you going to London Prepares DIVING? https://t.co/Kqs95C5u @shaun_payne_7

  14. Morning AT? RT @Dori_J: @matt_shoreditch volshy Thks following u both, have tickets. Just want some morning AT. BTW what ur doing is great.

  15. 42? RT @Pearcesport: @oysterman55 @olympichunter He's going to get the answer he's been hoping for :)

  16. Anyone interested in following TC package that someone doesnt want anymore: 2x HO017-C, 2x AT003-E, 1nt Woodford Hotel, £366 ?

  17. the walk/jog/sprint fr CT to AT? 0.89 miles / 1.44km ... http://t.co/5NTYjEYC via @GmapPedometer

  18. If one were to send a tweet to @twitter/listofpeople, do all the people in that list get the tweet?

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